Jet and Dave say they have the brains and brawn to win ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

By Sheri Block

Jet Black and Dave Schram may be in great physical shape, but the best friends from London, ON, say don’t let the brawn fool you – they’ve also got the brains to win “The Amazing Race Canada.”
Dave, 28, who works in marketing, is a national champion in cheerleading, while Jet, 32, a police officer, is a two-time Men’s National Physique Champion.
While Dave is focusing on running and cardio to get ready for the “Race”, Jet has been preparing by doing strength training and power lifting. He’s also packing plenty of protein powder in his backpack just so he doesn’t lose any weight along the way.
But even though Jet is going to take on more of the “brawn” challenges, Dave says his friend is more than just physically fit.
“I think we both bring a lot to the table mentally. We’re probably smarter than we look,” says Dave with a laugh.
The team members became friends 13 years ago when Jet began dating one of Dave’s friends. Even though that relationship didn’t work out, Jet and Dave remained friends afterwards and now consider themselves inseparable, despite what may not have been the smoothest start.
“To be honest I don’t really know if he and I jived from the get go. We’re both just so similar in personality that we probably butt heads a lot, but she left the picture and it was just the two amigos,” says Jet.
In addition to the physical training, Dave watched the first three seasons of the U.S. version of “The Amazing Race” to prepare, and says he learned how important it is to read the clues carefully and not lose your passport.
Jet, on the other hand, didn’t watch any episodes at all, an approach he hopes will pay off by giving him a clean slate.
“We’re going to be going in there with a fresher outlook than a lot of people. They’re going to have a lot of pre-conceived notions from previous episodes,” says Jet.
Then again, his strategy could also have its potential downfalls.
“We’ll probably be making mistakes that viewers are going to say, ‘Dude have you seen season 18 of the American version, what are you thinking?’” he adds with a laugh.

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