‘Race’ competitors Joey ‘Fitness’ and Danny wish they could rewind their Fast Forward challenge

‘Race’ competitors Joey ‘Fitness’ and Danny wish they could rewind their Fast Forward challenge
by: Sheri Block

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If Joey “Fitness” Lasalla and Danny Horal ever got a second chance to run “The Amazing Race,” they know exactly what they’d do if they encountered another Fast Forward challenge.

“We’re going to rip up (the clue) and light it on fire because we’re never doing a Fast Forward again,” Joey tells CTV.ca with a laugh.

Even though completing the Fast Forward first would’ve allowed the two friends from Long Island, New York, to bypass all the other challenges and head straight to the Pit Stop, their plan backfired when competitors Dave and Rachel finished ahead of them.

“Without risk, there’s no reward so if we went for it and we would’ve won, we obviously would’ve got first place and we would’ve won cars, which would’ve been an amazing thing,” says Joey.

Danny says what they didn’t show on TV was even though they were the first team to hop in a cab in Baku, Azerbaijan and make their way to the Fast Forward challenge (stacking hay bales), the driver didn’t know where the hay market was. The delay allowed Dave and Rachel to get a head start on the challenge.

Even so, Joey and Danny finished just behind the married couple.

“I was one hay stack away from saying we were finished and that’s when Rachel said, ‘We’re done.’ On every season of ‘The Amazing Race,’ the cab can really kill you and in this (case) it did,” says Danny.

Not only were the guys upset they lost by such a tight margin, Joey made a comment at the time that he couldn’t believe he got beat by a girl. 

“I guess I shouldn’t have said that because even all my friends and family and everybody is making fun of me that I said that,” says Joey.

“But you know what? Me and Danny were a male-male team, we definitely thought we could beat the other teams, but especially a female and male team so when we saw that Dave and Rachel were going for it and zipped by us, I thought, ‘There is no way a girl is going to beat us’ and I was very confident . . . but next thing we know Rachel said she was done and it’s like we saw a ghost, we were just in shock.”

After not completing the Fast Forward, the guys then had to go back and complete all the other challenges but by the time they finished, all the other teams had checked in and the two friends were eliminated.

Regardless, the guys say they are just happy they were able to show that a couple guys from the Jersey Shore were strong competitors.

“We were underestimated (by the other teams) at first and definitely stereotyped as gym guys who just tan and go clubbing and only care about girls and honestly if we would’ve been eliminated on that first leg, those (labels) would have stuck with us . . . but we started to move up and were definitely on the radar of a lot of teams.”

As well as creating a lot of buzz on the “Race,” Joey, a fitness trainer who also owns a supplement company, and Danny, a nightclub promoter, say they have received a lot of exposure for their personal ventures since the show began airing.

“I know a lot of people have been hitting Danny up on what nightclubs to go to and just basically want to party with him and go out and stuff like that and . . . I have people tweeting me all day, like, ‘Come to Canada, come to Chicago, come to wherever. Come train me,” says Joey.

As well as hoping to get a chance to appear on a future “All-Stars” edition of the “Race,” the guys would also be interested in doing their own travel show, visiting various nightclubs around the world.

“We want to show that a couple of Jersey Shore guys can travel the world and there’s a lot more than partying just in Vegas and Miami and New York,” says Danny.

Speaking of, the guys are also planning to fit in a party north of the border.

“Me and Danny, hopefully we can come out to Canada to party because we heard there are a lot of fans out there and we heard it’s a good scene,” adds Joey.



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