‘Amazing Race’ preview: Double Express Pass and triple frustration at the Roadblock

‘Amazing Race’ preview: Double Express Pass and triple frustration at the Roadblock
by: Sheri Block

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With a second Express Pass up for grabs and three teams quitting the first Roadblock challenge, the Season 22 premiere of “The Amazing Race” promises to be like anything we’ve ever seen.

For the first time in “Race” history, when the first team crosses the finish line in the opening leg, they will not only receive an Express Pass for themselves, but another one to give to the team of their choice by the fourth leg. (“The Amazing Race” premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. on CTV).

Since an Express Pass allows a team to bypass a future challenge, each of the teams is undoubtedly going to do whatever they can to get their hands on one. 

“All of the sudden, the first place team has that power and you create a situation where the other teams want to suck up to that team,” host Phil Keoghan told TVGuide.com. “’Can you be my BFF and by the way, can I have that Express Pass?’”

Fighting for an Express Pass won’t be the only thing that makes the premiere tense as Keoghan says three teams quit a Roadblock challenge in Bora Bora.

“They're racing for the first time, so they think they know more than they know. And suddenly they find themselves in a really stressful situation. I was going to say we have the recipe for disaster and when I say ‘disaster,’ I mean great content for great television,” Keoghan also told TVGuide.com.

Eleven new teams, which include former professional hockey players and roller derby moms, will race through five continents and nine countries as they compete for the $1 million prize.

They will also travel to Keoghan’s home country of New Zealand. “We were there in Seasons, 2, 5, and 13, when my dad was the greeter. Now we're actually in my hometown of Christchurch and Canterbury. They've had a lot of suffering the past few years (with the 2011 earthquake), so on a personal level, I was so keen to go back and to show the world that (these places) have picked themselves up,” he told the site.

To read more on what’s coming up this season, including which team member has a legendary mullet, visit TVGuide.com.

To read more on the 11 teams, visit CTV.ca.

“The Amazing Race” premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca.


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