Who took home the million dollar prize on the shocking ‘Amazing Race’ finale?

Who took home the million dollar prize on the shocking ‘Amazing Race’ finale?
(L-R) Twins Natalie and Nadiya; goat farmers Josh and Brent; Chippendales Jaymes and James; Texans Trey and Lexi
by: Sheri Block

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While a final Roadblock challenge left one team in tears, another team triumphed in a shocking, unexpected turn of events on the Season 21 finale of “The Amazing Race.”

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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Underdog team Josh and Brent beat out Texan dating couple Trey and Lexi and Chippendales Jaymes and James to take home the million dollar prize on Sunday night’s finale – something few expected considering they had never won an individual leg of the “Race.”

“We never, ever thought we’d hear you say those words to us,” says Brent to host Phil Keoghan, after crossing the finish line.

“We were underdogs and what I hope this proves to people . . . (is) that if they just keep going and just keep working as hard as they can people will help and sometime they will win,” adds Josh.

The gay couple from New York City, also known as “The Beekmans,” operate a 60-acre goat farm called Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs, N.Y.

When part one of the finale began, the Beekmans found themselves up against an alliance between the three remaining teams – the Texans, the Chippendales and twins Natalie and Nadiya – as they travelled to their next destination of France.

The twins, who vocalized their frustrations with the goat famers still being in the “Race” at every turn, had to complete a Speedbump for coming in last in the previous leg, but still managed to catch up to the other teams.

The Chippendales arrived at the mat first – each winning new Ford Escapes – followed by the Texans, leaving the twins and the goat farmers neck and neck right up until the finish line.

The twins finished the challenge of identifying different kinds of mushrooms in a dark cave before Josh and Brent, but when they took a wrong turn, the Beekmans caught up and got to the mat first, ensuring their spot in the finale and the elimination of Natalie and Nadiya.

The three remaining teams then travelled to New York City for the final leg and after locating their clue at Coney Island, took part in a Houdini-inspired challenge that had them wiggling out of a straightjacket while hanging upside down 15 stories in the air.

The Texans finished first and also soared through the next challenge – delivering pizza from NYC’s first pizza place, Lombardi’s – while the Beekmans had to re-trace their steps after making an error. The Chippendales struggled to catch up after arriving last at the challenge.

But it was the next challenge where the dominating Texans lost their lead. The Roadblock instructed teams to recall the words for “hello” and “goodbye” in the official language of each of the countries they visited and match them to the country’s corresponding flag.

After admitting she had taken notes on everything but the greetings on the mat, Lexi broke down in tears of frustration as she struggled to remember.

But Josh managed to breeze through the challenge, using his math skills to eliminate the wrong answers, and finished before the other teams.

The goat farmers were met with cheers from all the eliminated teams, who were waiting at Gotham Hall, when they made it to the finish line first.

Since Brent has been working in New York City while Josh has been on the farm, the couple says the money will allow them to pay off the mortgage on the farm and live in the same place again.

The Chippendales arrived second, grateful for the incredible experience – not to mention the new cars they won.

Trey and Lexi arrived third and as she fought back tears Lexi said, “It’s just been an amazing journey, it’s been something that is absolutely priceless. To spend it with Trey and have a solid month with him was just amazing. It’s a very special experience.”



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