Spoilers Ahead: Life was no beach for teams on ‘Amazing Race’ premiere

Spoilers Ahead: Life was no beach for teams on ‘Amazing Race’ premiere
by: Sheri Block

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The glistening blue water and tropical palm trees of Bora Bora may have provided a picturesque backdrop but life was no beach for the contestants on “The Amazing Race” as a difficult Roadblock challenge building sandcastles caused three teams to hit their breaking point.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Missed the episode? Watch it here at CTV.ca.

The Season 22 premiere kicked off in L.A. where 11 new teams were told by host Phil Keoghan that for the first time in “Race” history two Express Passes would be given out to the team who arrived at the Pit Stop first. The first place team would then have until the fourth leg to give out the second pass to a team of their choice.

The strategizing began almost immediately as teams tried to get to know each other – something that proved difficult for newlyweds Max and Katie, who admitted they don’t have many friends in their everyday life because Katie doesn’t like a lot of people.

An early alliance was also formed between the five teams who made it on the first flight to Bora Bora – twin doctors Idries and Jamil, married couple Chuck and Wynona, father and son David and Connor, dating couple Jessica and John and best friends Pamela and Winnie.

They agreed that if one of them got the Express Pass, they would give the other one to the team in the alliance that finished second.

“If you’re in the alliance you can’t tell anybody that’s not in it that you’re in it or that it even exists,” said John. “It’s exactly like ‘Fight Club.’”

One member of each team then had to skydive out of a helicopter at 10,000 feet (also a “Race” first) as their partner took a water taxi to the landing point. Once reunited, the second member of the team had to complete a Roadblock challenge that involved finding a clue buried under several rows of sandcastles, rebuilding any ones they destroyed in the process.

In the scorching sun, the task proved to be difficult for many of the teams, in particular for Idries, who felt like he was going to pass out and wanted to quit the challenge.

Once the task was completed, teams had to assemble a special canoe called a Va’a and paddle to the Pit Stop.

Dating couple Jessica and John were the first team to arrive and were awarded the coveted Express Passes.

Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony arrived second and David and Connor third. Since the father and son were part of the original alliance they thought they should receive the second Express Pass.

“Let’s hope Jessica and John stick to their word,” said Connor.

Best friends Pam and Winnie, roller derby moms Mona and Beth, YouTube hosts Joey and Meghan and married couple Chuck and Wynona were next to check into the Pit Stop, with Keoghan having something to say about Chuck’s mullet.

“We have never had hair like this on ‘The Amazing Race,’” said Keoghan.

“It’s business in the front, party in the back,” replied Chuck as he stroked his curly mane.

Doctors Idries and Jamil arrived in eighth spot while the remaining three teams – newlyweds Max and Katie, country singers Caroline and Jennifer and firefighters Matt and Daniel continued to struggle at the Roadblock.  They all decided to quit the challenge and take the four-hour penalty, agreeing to battle it out until the finish line.

But even though Matt and Daniel were first to set out, the firefighters had their boat capsize more than once, causing them to arrive in last place, behind Max and Katie and Caroline and Jennifer (whose four-hour penalties will begin at the start of the next leg).

Visibly disappointed, the guys said they never thought they’d get eliminated this way.

“We got beat canoeing by two blonde girls. I’m sure we’re never going to hear the end of this at the fire house,” said Daniel.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca.


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