Rob and Kelley call twins ‘thieves’ for keeping the money on ‘Amazing Race’

Rob and Kelley call twins ‘thieves’ for keeping the money on ‘Amazing Race’
by: Sheri Block

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Eliminated contestants Rob and Kelley French are proud of how they conducted themselves on “The Amazing Race,” but they can’t say the same thing about their competitors Natalie and Nadiya Anderson.

The twin sister team didn’t return money they found that they knew belonged to the rocker team of James Lomenzo and Mark “Abba” Abbattista, which drew the ire of Rob and Kelley when they found out while watching Sunday’s episode on TV.

“(Their) true colours came out in that situation. From the beginning of the ‘Race’ when we met them, we knew they would’ve sold their mother to win. They didn’t care, it was all about winning the million dollars and anything they could do to further (that),” Rob tells over the phone. 

The event in question happened at a travel agency in Bangladesh at the beginning of the last leg, when the twins noticed the rockers had dropped $100 on the ground. They decided to keep it and convinced Texan couple Trey Wier and Lexi Beerman to go along with it, splitting the money with that team.

With what they saw as no other option, James and Abba took to begging for money in the streets of Bangladesh, something they said they felt terrible about because it is such a poor country.

Kelley says they were “shocked” with the twins’ behaviour when they watched the episode.

“My opinion is that I think they’re thieves and I am very disappointed in the Texans for going along with them because it makes them as bad as (the twins were),” says Rob. 

Rob, who says he and Kelley would’ve returned the money, adds he was surprised there was no penalty for the twins’ actions on the “Race.”

Rob and Kelley were eliminated on Sunday night’s episode, after taking the metro – instead of a taxi like most of the other teams – set them behind everyone else in Istanbul, Turkey.

But Rob says he stands by their decision not to be “followers.”

“We live a wonderful life, we’re very blessed, and we make good decisions and we make bad decisions, but whatever the decision is, we don’t point fingers at each other, we live with it and everything we did on that ‘Race,’ we’re very proud of,” Rob says.

Rob and Kelley and Chippendales dancers Jaymes and James were the only two teams who chose public transportation to get to their next clue at the ferry terminal, believing it would be faster than taking a cab through traffic.

But halfway through the trip, the Chippendales hopped off the metro after consulting with locals on the train who thought it would be faster to take a taxi.

Kelley says even still, she and Rob didn’t consider switching.  

“Hindsight is 20-20. It probably hurt … we probably should’ve taken a taxi,” she says.

The team managed to complete the upcoming challenges with relative ease but the delay from the metro proved to be too much to catch up and the monster truckers were ultimately eliminated from the “Race.” 

But Rob says winning a million dollars is secondary to having Kelley in his life.

The pair, who was married last November, explained earlier in the season that they met on the monster truck circuit when Kelley’s husband, who was Rob’s best friend, was killed in an accident. Rob offered support to Kelley and the two ended up falling in love.

“There is no money in this world that could ever replace her,” says Rob. “When she came into my life it changed me in so many different ways that we could talk about for weeks on end … she’s opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. That million dollars didn’t mean anything compared to just being with her the rest of my life.”

Kelley concurs.

“He’s an awesome man. I’m so happy that he’s my husband.”

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