No tears from these clowns: Dave and Cherie still smiling after ‘Amazing Race’ elimination

No tears from these clowns: Dave and Cherie still smiling after ‘Amazing Race’ elimination
by: Sheri Block

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Dave and Cherie Gregg were disappointed they didn’t make it further on “The Amazing Race” but the “Ambassadors of Laughter” did what any good clowns would do in their situation – put on a happy face.

“We were very sad,” says Cherie. “(But) we put on a smile and exited with a smile . . . We were grateful for the opportunity to be able to go as far as we did and have the adventure we had. It was a dream come true.”

The married couple from New Port Richey, Fla., was the second team to be eliminated on Season 20 after struggling with a challenge in Argentina that required some quick thinking and razor sharp math skills.

The team was already delayed when the bus from Cafayate to Buenos Aires broke down. This hiccup made it even more crucial that Dave finish the challenge – counting cattle in a pen and then trying to determine the average weight after hearing an auctioneer call out a number – in record time.

Dave, who admits he doesn’t have the strongest math skills, struggled with the challenge, and finished the task behind all of the other teams.

“I haven’t had to do math in approximately 20 years and with the invention of calculators and computers and a wife who does all the math in the family, I haven’t had to do any of it . . . and not to mention I grew up having dyslexia and that really played a major factor into it,” says Dave.

By the time he got the correct answer and he and Cherie headed to the Pit Stop, it was too late and they were eliminated.

Even still, the professional clowns took it all with a dose of good cheer.

“I think laughter was a great way of breaking down barriers between us and our other teammates and also the different cultures that we had to come in contact with, it helped us bridge gaps in our languages to be able to ask for directions and get the information we needed to proceed in the ‘Race,’” says Dave.

“Laughter is the best medicine,” adds Cherie.

Considering Dave has beat cancer – twice – the team doesn’t see anything, including being eliminated from the “Race” as defeat.  

“We wanted to do this for over 10 years . . . 10 years later it’s a dream come true. We can’t be bitter about being out when we’re so grateful to have made it this far,” says Cherie. “We’re so lucky to have survived cancer twice, we’re so lucky to have a great job where we get to make people laugh for a living.”

“And I’m so lucky to have a great wife,” chimes in Dave.

“I’m so lucky to have Dave,” adds Cherie. “He does so many other things – just because he can’t do math, how many other people have a husband who cooks, cleans, does dishes, does all the driving?”

As well as continuing their duties as “Ambassadors of Laughter” for the Ringling Bros. circus, which involves going to schools, libraries and children’s hospitals to brighten the days of children who can’t afford or aren’t able to see the circus themselves, these clowns are looking forward to doing even more travelling.

And they can only hope it might include another spot on “The Amazing Race” some day.

“We were travelling the country for 12 years and this was our opportunity to travel the world,” says Cherie. “Now we want to see more. Hopefully there will be ‘Unfinished Business 2’ and they’ll want to bring us back,” says Cherie.



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