Navigation the ‘Achilles heel’ for Kerri and Stacy on ‘The Amazing Race’

Navigation the ‘Achilles heel’ for Kerri and Stacy on ‘The Amazing Race’
by: Sheri Block

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Getting lost on the way to the Pit Stop caused a few tense moments for Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers on “The Amazing Race,” but the cousins from Gulfport, Miss., insist there are no hard feelings.

After getting directions from a local resident to Landhannes Farm in Bavaria, Stacy took a wrong turn while driving, causing her to lash out at Kerri for not paying closer attention.

“I just really felt the pressure of time on me and it was very frustrating, trying to get directions from people because although we were showing the locals exactly the name of the place we needed to be they kept sending us to different tourism spots . . . it wasn’t Kerri I was frustrated at, I was just frustrated in general,” Stacy tells

Kerri says she was feeling just as upset about not getting clear directions and snapped right back at Stacy.

“It’s really hard to retain the information when somebody’s telling you where to go and you don’t even know what they’re talking about in the first place so I think it’s just difficult, it’s just one of those things you have to be there to understand,” says Kerri.

“I think (getting lost) hindered us throughout the ‘Race,’ that was our hardest part.”

“Navigation was definitely our Achilles heel,” adds Stacy.

By the time the pair got to the 200-year-old dairy farm where host Phil Keoghan was waiting, they were the last team to arrive and were eliminated.

But even so, the cousins, who don’t get to spend much time together because Stacy is married to a pro basketball player and lives overseas for half of the year, are grateful they had the chance to do this together.

“‘The Race’ has given me the opportunity for me and my children to spend a lot more time here at home with our families and to get to know their cousins and their aunties,” says Stacy. “Kerri and I grew up really close like sisters, so it gives me the opportunity to put my children in the same type of setting I grew up in and I found it to be really rewarding.”

Kerri concurs and says there isn’t anyone else she’d want to run the “Race” with.

“I definitely wouldn’t want to do it with my husband. We’d come back divorced,” says Kerri with a laugh.

“Me and my husband would’ve signed the divorce decree right there in front of the cows,” agrees Stacy.

Stacy says she is also happy she was able to show her two children that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

“I feel like my children have really grown and they’ve really become adventurers through this process and they don’t just see me as mommy anymore, they see me as some great spectacular woman who can do anything and I know they can correlate that to themselves,” says Stacy.

One particular moment that Stacy was able to show this was when she overcame her fear of heights during a skydiving challenge on the first leg in Argentina.

She says she was up in the airplane crying because she was so scared but was comforted by Dave, a professional clown, who was eliminated along with his wife Cherie on the following episode. Stacy says he told her that if she completed the challenge, her kids would be really proud of her. 

“That made all the difference. Dave will never know how grateful I am to him for that moment because it really helped to propel me, literally,” she says with a laugh.

Stacy hopes she and Kerri will get to do something like this again one day.

“This was really an awakening for me. Kerri, and I, we kind of balance each other . . . I hope we’ll have a lot more opportunities in the future, to just be able to have so much fun and be ourselves and just show people, what we’re made of.”


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