Staying at the back of the pack helped Josh and Brent finish first on ‘The Amazing Race’

Staying at the back of the pack helped Josh and Brent finish first on ‘The Amazing Race’
by: Sheri Block

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Josh and Brent may never have won an individual leg of “The Amazing Race” but the goat farmers and life partners say it may have helped them in winning the only one that mattered.

“We were never trying to be the first team at the mat every single time – that wasn’t our goal. If you’re always trying to run like that and have that additional pressure that you put on yourself, you ultimately do yourself in,” Josh tells over the phone.  

Brent adds that as long-time fans of the “Race,” they know the real name of the game is to not get eliminated and just make it to the final leg. He says he learned how exhausting it can be to race for first and second place the entire length of the “Race.”

“I think you see on that final leg it does start to catch up with the top teams,” he says.

Josh and Brent, who operate the Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, N.Y., beat out Texan dating couple Trey and Lexi and Chippendales Jaymes and James on Sunday night’s finale after Josh was able to pull ahead of the other teams during a difficult Roadblock.

The final challenge required teams to recall how to say hello and goodbye in the official languages of each of the countries they visited and match those to each country’s corresponding flag.

The task was challenging as teams struggled to remember the greetings they received at each of the Pit Stops. While Lexi was in tears of frustration, Josh instead turned the challenge into a math problem.

“After all of us got there and we all got the first two or three flags, the reality set in that this was a math problem and there were over 1,500 combinations and . . . I think you see it in Lexi’s face when she realized that. It was incredibly hard. I just realized the only thing between me and Phil is raising that flag 1,500 times,” says Josh.

Touted as the underdogs the entire “Race,” no one was more shocked than them when they were the first to cross the finish line at Gotham Hall in New York City.

“It was a surprise to us, too. No one can believe it,” says Josh.

It was especially surprising considering the Beekmans came close to elimination a few times before. The most recent time occurred during a leg in Amsterdam, which had the team trailing behind alongside Abbie and Ryan. But after the dating divorcees were U-turned, Josh and Brent got to the Pit Stop first.

Josh and Brent, who had formed a friendship with the team after missing a connecting flight with them on an earlier leg in Frankfurt, were saddened Abbie and Ryan were going to be eliminated.

It even looked like on TV they were considering letting the couple check in before them but Josh says that wasn’t the case.

“At that moment, it was a very emotional moment for us to see friends and great competitors lose their chance at the ‘Race,’ and one of the things Brent and I said going in was we wanted to run the ‘Race’ we were proud of,” says Josh.

The other teams might not be able to say the same thing. The Texans, Chippendales and twins Natalie and Nadiya, who were eliminated right before the final, formed an alliance to oust first Abbie and Ryan and then the Beekmans.

Josh and Brent found out about the plan while they were on the train to France and overheard the other teams talking about it.

“I think that was one of the most hurtful things for us on the ‘Race.’ It was one of those high school moments when you realize someone’s been talking behind your back and I think again, that really also motivated us,” says Josh.

But Brent adds that he knows it was a strategic move by the other teams and they are friends with all the other teams – even the twins, who were especially vocal about their dissatisfaction with the Beekmans still being on the “Race.”

“We love the twins. In the way it comes across on the show it seems like their comments were very malicious but they actually kept us in stitches the entire time we were racing, they’re just so funny,” says Brent.

Josh compares it to the trash talk that might happen between sports teams and that what is said is not personal.

“If you look at all the teams, whenever the ‘twinnies’ were insulting other people or people were insulting them, everyone was smiling . . . we actually watched the finale of the ‘Race’ with the twins.”

The Beekmans, who are planning to get married next spring, have big plans for the million dollars – the first being paying off the mortgage on the farm so they can both live in the same place again. It’s something they haven’t been able to do in five years as Josh has been working as an advertising creative director in NYC during the week while Brent takes care of the farm.

The pair, who have their own reality show about the farm called “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” also plan to buy a building on the main street in their small village and make it the headquarters of their company.

They also want to start a line of food products so that other small farmers can pay off their mortgages. 

Josh and Brent hope all the exposure they received on the “Race” will encourage people to come visit the village – and their farm.

“We’re so proud of our village and how hard it works to stay afloat that any exposure and any tourists that want to come, I swear to God they’ll get the biggest hugs ever,” says Brent.

“We’ll leave the light on for them,” adds Josh with a laugh.



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