Frontrunners Andy and Tommy eliminated right before 'Amazing Race' finale

Frontrunners Andy and Tommy eliminated right before 'Amazing Race' finale
by: Sheri Block

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No one was more shocked that Andy and Tommy didn’t make the finals of ‘The Amazing Race’ than the team itself.

The professional snowboarders from California were eliminated just before the final three after having trouble identifying the location of their next Pit Stop.

“Our goal was just to get better every leg and really nail that finale but we were just shy of that,” says Tommy. “It was pretty difficult being eliminated right before (the finals).”

The team was ahead of the pack going into the final challenge in Panama City, where they had to find the name of the next Pit Stop, which was written on the bottom of a dancer’s dress in Cathedral Square.

“What we didn’t realize is that the clue was only on one of the dresses, which we thought might be the case but we were looking on their shoes, their bracelets, their hair ties, anything,” says Andy. “We really searched those girls but whether we were just too close or what, which I think was part of the problem, and then they were dancing and only stopped for a few seconds to open the dress and that’s when you had to see it.”

Andy and Tommy found the word “Balboa” written on a necklace and headed to a place where they thought the Pit Stop was located, but then had to return to the challenge to try again when they realized that wasn’t right.

Only one of the teams, Jeremy and Sandy, correctly identified the clue but their cab driver communicated the location to the drivers of two other teams – Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus, allowing them to finish ahead of the snowboarders. 

After finishing first six times, Andy and Tommy were considered by many to be the frontrunners to win the “Race,” but the team says being eliminated for something like this is all part of the competition.

“It was in our control because we missed the clue but at the same time, other teams were doing the same mistakes we were and then kind of lucked into finding the Pit Stop. We’ve seen it over and over again in the past where that happens and we knew going into this that was part of the ‘Race,’” says Andy.

With all of their first-place finishes, Andy and Tommy have plenty of prizes (including custom-built Mustangs) to take home, but they some of the most valuable prizes are their memories.

“Going into ‘The Amazing Race,’ something you’re looking forward to is the experiences you’re going to have and that’s exactly what we had,” says Andy.

“I think it grew our friendship (as well),” says Tommy. “I think we’re definitely going to be lifelong friends.”

Will it be Jeremy and Sandy, Ernie and Cindy or Amani and Marcus? Find out who wins Season 19 of ‘The Amazing Race’ as the teams race to the finish line in Atlanta Sunday, Dec. 11 at 8/7C. Missed an episode? Catch up online at


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