Fresh off the mat, Season 21 finalists give tips on running ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

Fresh off the mat, Season 21 finalists give tips on running ‘The Amazing Race Canada’
(L-R) 'Amazing Race' Season 21 winners Josh and Brent, fourth-place finishers Natalie and Nadiya
by: Sheri Block

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From dynamic audition tapes to packing light, “Amazing Race” Season 21 winners Josh and Brent and fourth-place finishers Natalie and Nadiya have some advice for their Canadian counterparts on how to be a success on “The Amazing Race Canada,” set to premiere on CTV in summer 2013.

They also weigh in on which famous Canadian they’d most like to see run the “Race.”
Tips for Canadian contestants:

Josh: “The best tip is when you’re making your tape be yourself times 10 and make sure the first 15 seconds are exciting and impactful because there are going to be tens of thousands of entries so you want to make an impression in the first few seconds.

“I’ve actually already applied for citizenship so (people) better watch out.”

Brent: “The most important thing to know is that most of the time it’s not one team defeating another, it’s a team defeating itself so (it’s important) to really focus on how you’re going to communicate with one another and be supportive and motivating at the same time.”

Natalie: “We’ve been getting a lot of tweets from Canadians asking for tips. I would just say make sure your tape is absolutely yourself because I think casting directors can see through the bullsh*t. And make sure you and your partner can go through anything (like Nadiya and me) – you can fight but immediately in two seconds you’re back kicking ass while racing.”

Nadiya: “Learn from what you saw on TV. We should’ve watched all the seasons. We did as much watching as we could but there were some situations, if we had done a little more mental preparation instead of just physical (we would have had a better result).”

Natalie: “Pack light. Me and Nadiya packed so much. Our backpacks were 45 lbs each. Our colour was pink and we never wear pink in real life so we bought all this pink gear and didn’t want to throw it away . . . . Wear a different outfit every other day and wear dirty clothes – it’s not that big of a deal.”

What famous Canadian would you like to see run “The Amazing Race Canada?”

Brent: “Wouldn’t it be ratings gold to have Justin Bieber?”

Josh: “I don’t think he’d make it through the first leg.”

Brent: “Now that we’re famous, we’ll give him a call.”

Natalie: “Canada, and especially Toronto, has so much diversity so it will be fun to see the background and the ethnic groups that will be participating.”

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