Finishing second was ‘bittersweet’ for Chippendales on ‘Amazing Race’

Finishing second was ‘bittersweet’ for Chippendales on ‘Amazing Race’
(L-R) Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis (The Chippendales)
by: Sheri Block

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Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis say coming in second place on “The Amazing Race” was “bittersweet” because while they had a great time, they didn’t accomplish their goal of helping their families.

“It feels like we got to have this amazing experience from start to finish but at the same time, it’s a letdown because we accomplished a selfish goal for ourselves but we didn’t accomplish anything for our families,” Jaymes tells over the phone. 

“(But) we have to be really proud of the way we performed in this race around the world. Second place is really incredible,” adds James.

The Chippendales from Las Vegas, Nev., were beat out by goat farmers Josh and Brent (the Beekmans) on the Season 21 finale, after they experienced several transportation-related delays on the final leg in New York City.

“It’s frustrating. We were picking up momentum in those final legs and getting the swing of it. We were self-navigating pretty effectively and stuff but honestly there is that luck factor when it comes to taxis and I think in that final leg we just had a lot of bad luck with taxis,” says James.

But even though Jaymes and James had an alliance against the Beekmans with third-place team Trey and Lexi and fourth-place team Natalie and Nadiya, the Chippendales say they are nothing but happy for the goat farmers.

They add that the alliance they formed excluding the farmers has been blown out of proportion and they were only racing against the Beekmans because they didn’t get a chance to know them like they did the other teams.

“I think if we’d been with Josh and Brent all along we might’ve been in an alliance of four teams because they really were fun, nice guys. We just never got to know them. So when they won at the end, you can’t be mad (because) these guys won this thing fair and square,” says Jaymes.

Even though the Chippendales wanted to win to help out their families – James wanted to give the money to his mother while Jaymes planned to give the money to his father, who has incurable cancer – the team says their families were still very pleased with how they finished on the “Race.”

“It’s really cool for me for my dad to see us run.  (He) called to say he was proud of me and proud of James . . . It made me feel like a 10-year-old kid again. It was cool,” says Jaymes.

The team has now done several fundraisers to raise money for Jaymes’ dad and started a website for donations.    

“We ran the race not for us, we’re young, we can work plenty more years in our life. The time to take care of our families is now . . . and doing what we can,” says James.  

“That’s what we’re going to continue to do is to help those people who helped us when we were growing up, now it’s our turn to turn around and help them.”

The team also hopes that their time on the “Race” might also have helped changed some people’s perceptions of what a Chippendale dancer is.

“We didn’t really understand what it was before we started it either and we would’ve probably laughed at it and made fun of it. We had a pre-conceived notion that it was a very 1980s thing in a strip club with stripper poles, people in thongs, with dollar bills getting thrown down their pants, and that’s not what it is at all,” says Jaymes.

He adds that the best way he can describe it is a “male version of the Pussycat Dolls” in Las Vegas.

“I sing, James plays guitar, we have a rapper, we have dancers, we have a multi-million dollar theatre. There’s no dollar bills in anyone’s pants . . . it’s kind of a funny thing we have to combat all the time,” says Jaymes.

“If we didn’t change perceptions we (at least) showed people a different (side of it).”


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