Eliminated twins Elliot and Andrew say the ‘Race’ strengthened their bond as brothers

Eliminated twins Elliot and Andrew say the ‘Race’ strengthened their bond as brothers
by: Sheri Block

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Even though all eight of the remaining teams on “The Amazing Race” struggled with a difficult leg in Paraguay that ultimately eliminated Andrew and Elliot Weber, it doesn’t make the twins feel any better.

“I don’t think it’s good to be eliminated,” says Elliot with a laugh. “Or feel good about it.”

“I bet you every team is like this when you get eliminated - you look back at the things you did and said, ‘Man if we would’ve just slowed down and taken a breath for one second.’ It’s the anxiousness of wanting to get done and knowing you’re competing against other people.”

Elliot and Andrew ran into difficulty during a Detour challenge that required them to string a harp, the national instrument of Paraguay. Even though it seemed like an easier task than stacking a pyramid of watermelons (the other side of the Detour), the brothers began arguing over the best way to do the task and ended up missing a hole in the process.

Frustrated that a number of other teams had already completed the challenge and moved on, the twins left the auditorium and intended to switch to the other task. But after taking a minute to calm down, they decided to go back in and finished the challenge in much less time.   

“It helped us to step out for a second to cool our heads but I kind of wish the way we finished the harp was the way we started the harp,” says Andrew.

But the struggle continued when they got to the next Roadblock challenge, which required one team member to balance a bottle on his head while doing a choreographed dance.

Even though Andrew is a Major League Soccer goal keeper for the Seattle Sounders, Elliot chose to do the task.

He found it difficult to keep the bottle balanced while lying down on his stomach, allowing competing team Ralph and Vanessa to surge ahead.

In hindsight, Andrew says he should’ve attempted the challenge.

“My balance is better than his and I work on that kind of stuff all the time. I think I would have had more control in my body, turning around and going down and all that. I’m used to doing drills like that . . . I might have been better. I don’t know. I think Elliot gave it his all and you can’t really be upset with him.”

Even though Ralph and Vanessa finished the challenge seven minutes ahead of Elliot and Andrew, the twins ran so fast to the Pit Stop that the camera man could barely keep up.  

“One guy took off his bag and handed it to the other dude and just started running,” says Andrew.

But it wasn’t fast enough as the brothers arrived two minutes after the dating divorcees and were eliminated.

Even so, the twins say being on the “Race” was a great experience and strengthened their bond as brothers.

“We learned a lot about our relationship in general and how much we can communicate with each other now,” says Andrew.

“Me and my brother haven’t been able to hang out or see each other (in a long time) just because our schedules are so different. This was an opportunity where not only do I get to hang out with my brother, but I get to go see the (world). It was an amazing experience,” adds Elliot.



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