Driving stick and flying tennis balls: A tense leg of 'Amazing Race' ends in a non-elimination round

Driving stick and flying tennis balls: A tense leg of 'Amazing Race' ends in a non-elimination round
Goat farmers, Josh and Brent, and twins Natalie and Nadiya.
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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With “The Amazing Race Canada” announced during Sunday’s episode of “The Amazing Race,” it was hard to focus on what was actually going on, what with the planning of teams and packing of backpacks and organizing of passports…

But with only four teams left in the race for a million dollars, and the finale set to air next Sunday, the stakes were high for twins, Natalie and Nadiya; goat farmers, Josh and Brent; Chippendales, Jaymes and James, and Texan couple, Trey & Lexi.

The episode took the teams from The Netherlands (where dating divorcees Abbie and Ryan were eliminated) to Spain and even though the twins began this leg of the race in first place, they had a tough time driving to the town of Manacor as Nadiya had only ever taken one lesson on how to drive stick.

(Note: That is officially this non-standard driving CTV.ca writer’s biggest nightmare)

This put them behind the other three teams as they reached their next challenge – returning 20 tennis balls fired by an automatic server as an homage to the world tennis great Rafael Nadal who hails from the small Spanish town.

Though Nadiya tried to redeem her driving skills on the clay court (and only barely made it through), it was Josh, who had injured his ankle in the previous leg of the race, who really struggled in the tennis challenge.

With encouragement from Brent, Josh pushed through the pain, and the goat farmers and the twins knew they were neck and neck for last place.

Though it was touch and go for the last stretch of the race, the twins came in last, taking full responsibility for their sub-par performance. Lucky for them, when they landed on the mat, host Phil Keoghan announced it was a non-elimination leg.

Looks like the “twinnies” will be back for the finale episode next Sunday.

For the last two legs of the race, teams will travel from Spain to France (baguette-eating challenge, anyone?) followed by the twelfth leg from France back to the U.S.

“The Amazing Race” finale airs on Sunday December 9 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.


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