Cowboys ride off into that ‘Amazing’ sunset

Cowboys ride off into that ‘Amazing’ sunset
by: Tyrone Warner

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During this season of “The Amazing Race”, former teams have been invited back to the series to compete once again and settle their “Unfinished Business”.

This opportunity is presented not so these teams can enact public vendettas against clueless cab drivers or pester overworked flight ticketing agents (after all, there’s plenty of that in every version of the “Race”)… rather, it’s meant to give them a second shot at glory, a shot that just happens to come with a second crack at that million dollar prize as well.

So you would think that teams who didn’t end up with a cheque in their hands the first time around would switch up their game plan, right?  Apparently that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to the squad known as the “Cowboys,” Jet and Cord. had a chance to talk to the duo from Oklahoma on the phone earlier this week. Sorry to hear you guys are out! Tell me what happened?

Jet: It didn’t work out. Kind of like the first time. We ran our race and did the best we could… it just didn’t work out. Anything you tried differently this time around?

Jet: We pretty well had the strategies this time, we felt like we were a strong enough team that we could beat any of the other teams in a heads-up race. We just tried to go and do our own thing - depending on each other. Strategy-wise nothing changed for us. So what do you blame your loss on then?

Cord: I didn’t blame it on anything. We just didn’t win. We went out there, ran the best race we could, but for some reason the cheque for a million dollars is not going to say “The Cowboys” on it. So that was the thing that went wrong, actually. I guess that’s the way it goes with the game, right?

Jet: There’s just so many other factors in this race besides what you do. Sometimes you can run your best race and do the best job and not win. So does it sting more getting eliminated the first time or the second time?

Jet: It hurts every time.

Cord: Agreed. Nobody wants to lose. What was it like for you when you found out you had a second shot?

Cord: Surprised.

Jet: Me and Cord were excited that we got to go back. We were so close the first time, to have another opportunity to go and do it, we were definitely excited. Any favourite moments from this past season?

Jet: I think my favourite moment was when we were in China and finishing the dinosaur. We were in last place, finishing that, and jumping ahead of everybody and finishing that leg first. That was a highlight for me.

Cord: That was pretty awesome as well. What have you guys been up to since the second season?

Jet: Back to the same thing for us, back to the ranch, feeding cows. Anyone ever come up to you to talk about the show?

Cord: Every time you walk out of the house. From the country to store wherever I go, especially when you get on a flight some where. I was on a plane to California, and the guy across the aisle said “Hey, what do you do?” I told him my name was Cord, and I’m just a rancher-cowboy, and he said there were people coming back to take pictures of me while I was asleep! It’s pretty crazy stuff.

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