'Amazing Race' finale will be 'insane and terrifying,' according to Phil Keoghan

'Amazing Race' finale will be 'insane and terrifying,' according to Phil Keoghan
by: Sheri Block

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Get ready ‘Amazing Race’ fans:  Sunday’s finale is going to be ‘insane and terrifying,’ according to host Phil Keoghan.

In an interview with Zap2it.com, Keoghan says Season 21’s final two-hour episode, airing Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, will be an “all-out sprint to the finish line.”

"It's pretty insane. We have a terrifying Houdini-inspired Roadblock in New York, where teams are hanging 15 stories above the Brooklyn Navy Yard...and much more,” Keoghan told the site.

"But it's not so much about the challenges that the teams will encounter in the final leg as it is about the mental stress that they have to endure.”

The four remaining teams include Texan dating couple Trey and Lexi, twins Natalie and Nadiya, Chippendales Jaymes and James and goat farmers Josh and Brent.

Keoghan says he’s most surprised that Josh and Brent (the Beekmans) are still in the “Race.”

"I thought my predictions were right during their breakdown in Bangladesh ... as well as their overall performance having not won a single leg.

"That said, they have beat out some very strong teams," Keoghan says, "and as always on 'The Amazing Race' ... anything can happen."

To read more about Keoghan’s thoughts on each of the teams and predictions for who will take home the million dollar prize visit Zap2it.com.

Catch up on "The Amazing Race" online at CTV.ca.


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