After dominating the last leg of ‘The Amazing Race,’ Trey and Lexi frustrated with finishing third

After dominating the last leg of ‘The Amazing Race,’ Trey and Lexi frustrated with finishing third
by: Sheri Block

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Despite dominating the entire last leg of “The Amazing Race,” Trey Wier and Lexi Beerman say it was frustrating to watch their lead slip away during a difficult final challenge in New York City.

The dating couple, who finished third on the Season 21 finale, struggled with a Roadblock challenge that required teams to remember how they heard “hello” and “goodbye” in each of the nine UN member countries they had visited and match the translations of the greetings to each country’s corresponding flag.

For Lexi, it was even more frustrating considering she had taken meticulous notes on everything she and Trey experienced on the “Race,” except for the greetings.

“I could tell you what each greeter was wearing. I could you what their nails looked like. I could tell you literally anything and everything about what they looked like, but anything that they said, is beyond me.”

Even though the dating couple arrived at the challenge first, because Lexi struggled so much with the words, it allowed goat farmers Josh and Brent to surge ahead and arrive at the finish line first. The Chippendales, Jaymes and James, also completed the task before them and arrived at the mat second. 

“I think the hardest part about it was I felt the whole ‘Race’ I had control over . . . but I felt like I didn’t know languages. It was frustrating, and as you probably saw on television, I let my emotions get the best of me unfortunately,” says Lexi.

But Trey has nothing but good things to say about how his girlfriend tackled the challenge.

“I wouldn’t have been able to get even close to what she got accomplished. I’m so proud of her – she did great. Even though we came in third it was still the best experience of our lives.”

Trey and Lexi had an alliance to make it to the final three with the Chippendales and twins Natalie and Nadiya (who finished fourth), but say they have no hard feelings about underdogs Josh and Brent winning the million dollar prize.

“It wasn’t that we didn’t like the Beekmans at all, we thought they were great people. We had just raced with (the other teams) for so long that we got to know them so well (and) we wanted us to all be in the final three,” says Trey. 

It wasn’t the only alliance the dating couple had taken part in. In an earlier leg in Bangladesh, Natalie and Nadiya found $100 lying on the ground that they suspected belonged to rocker team James and Abba and they, along with Trey and Lexi, decided to keep the money. The rockers were then shown begging for money on the streets of Bangladesh in order to continue.

After watching the episode back Trey and Lexi say they still stand by their decision.

“It didn’t unfold on television like it actually happened. The money was found, we weren’t even sure if it (belonged to) the rockers, we had an idea but we weren’t going to walk up to them and ask them if it was their money,” says Lexi.

“We didn’t know really until the episode aired that it was 100 per cent theirs . . . the money could’ve been anybody’s. It was literally found on the ground. The way it was edited it looked like it fell out of their pockets onto the table so that kind of came across bad unfortunately.”

Lexi adds that she and Trey have received a lot of negative feedback from their actions, something that has been very upsetting.

“It was actually really disappointing because Trey and I strive to be really good people, it’s just kind of our character, and we’d never, ever steal from anybody. It’s just not who we are, it’s not our beliefs, our morals, so when that came across and people were slandering our Christianity and that kind of stuff, it was really hard,” says Lexi.

“But I think everything happens for a reason. I think we’re stronger from it and we know what we believe and we know what really happened so we kind of just have to sit happy in that.”

Trey and Lexi are also happy with what the “Race” did for their relationship – saying that all the obstacles they faced made them stronger.

“We never really got frustrated with each other, we were super positive during the whole time and I think it really helped, just mentally going through all those crazy challenges, especially in Bangladesh, those were some of the hardest challenges I’ve ever seen on ‘Amazing Race’ and (the way we got along) was just incredible, week after week,” says Lexi.

Lexi was clear throughout the “Race” that she wanted even more from their relationship (i.e. marriage), and Trey says their relationship will progress when the time is right.

“We’re going to continue to grow. Lexi knows, I’ve told her for the past year or so, I’ve wanted to marry her. I’ve got to wait until I get a good job and luckily I have a good job now, I can get her the ring she deserves and I’ll be able to support her and stuff like that.

“Sooner than later is what I keep telling everybody but you never know,” he adds with a laugh.


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