Abbie and Ryan more upset about losing a friendship than a chance at $2 million on ‘Amazing Race’

Abbie and Ryan more upset about losing a friendship than a chance at $2 million on ‘Amazing Race’
by: Sheri Block

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You’d think it would be even harder to lose “The Amazing Race” knowing $2 million was on the line, but Abbie and Ryan say the loss would’ve been just as difficult if the prize was one dollar.

“Ryan and I said we’d pay to race. We’d race for a buck. Being competitive, we just wanted to win,” Abbie tells over the phone with a laugh.

“Along the same lines, the reason we were U-turned wasn’t because we had a $2 million prize at stake and everyone else only had a million. It wasn’t the reason for our elimination but the reason we were U-turned was because we stood in the way of all those other teams winning,” adds Ryan.

The dating divorcees were eliminated on Sunday night’s episode after having problems with their connecting flight in Frankfurt (for a second time) and being U-turned by fellow team, Jaymes and James (the Chippendales).

Even though Abbie and Ryan understand the strategic advantage of using the U-turn, they’re upset it was used by a team they considered to be their friends.

“It was very smart for those three teams (which also included the twins and the Texans) to join together and get us out because obviously we were in their way of the end goal in sight. I think we were more surprised by who it was and very let down (by that),” says Abbie.

She explains that she and Ryan had developed quite a close friendship with the Chippendales, much of which wasn’t shown on TV.  They also formed an alliance to make it to the final three.

“Ryan and I (also) shared a lot about our past, our divorces, and the same thing with Jaymes and his dad, it really opened up beyond just a working alliance. There was a lot more cost for us and a lot more put into that friendship . . .  it just didn’t line up with the way we would’ve played the game.”

Ryan adds that he believes the Chippendales weren’t conflicted about the decision at all, unlike goat farmers Josh and Brent.

“I think there’s a major difference between what you saw of (Josh and Brent) that day contemplating whether or not to leave the U-turn with us, having to go back and being very truly conflicted with that, versus the Chippendales who were standing there, hands over their mouths, kind of smirking,” adds Ryan.

“I think they were just posturing for the cameras. I think they were fully aware there would be some fallout from that decision.”  

While the team was surprised their friends Jaymes and James U-turned them, they received a much more pleasant surprise on the “Race” in the form of a friendship with Josh and Brent.

It started on an earlier leg when they both missed their connecting flight in Frankfurt on the way to Moscow, meaning both teams wouldn’t get to their destination until almost 12 hours later.

“Because of the situation we were in and what we were sharing, we connected on so many levels as groups that night, as people, that went way beyond the ‘Race.’ That friendship to us has been one of the silver linings in an otherwise black cloud after our elimination,” says Ryan. “In fact next week we’re going to spend a few days with them at their farm in upstate New York.”

Abbie and Ryan, who have been dating for about a year and half, say another positive element that came out of running the “Race” was the way it strengthened their relationship.

“Ryan and I both come from divorces and his is more recent than mine and I think that we had a lot of questions going into it. But coming out of it, it made us stronger and unlike most and many couples that go on the ’Race,’ we actually came out with a better sense of our relationship and even more respect for each other,” says Abbie.

“I think (the show) figured we’d be that couple – that bickering, put each other down, verbally abusive couple and we couldn’t have been further from that.”

She adds that all the adversity they faced on the “Race” also drew them closer as they knew they wouldn’t get anywhere fighting against each other.

“Why waste energy bickering about your relationship?” 

Ryan agrees that their relationship is stronger than ever.

“I was so proud of Abbie. I didn’t realize she had in her what she was showing me . . . I don’t know any woman in my life that could do the things she was doing.”

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