A U-turn, a dinosaur and a cabbie all led to Jaime and Cara's elimination on 'The Amazing Race'

A U-turn, a dinosaur and a cabbie all led to Jaime and Cara's elimination on 'The Amazing Race'
by: Sheri Block

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Jaime and Cara know getting U-turned might have cost them “The Amazing Race” but they have no hard feelings towards the offending team Kent and Vyxsin.

After both teams agreed to U-turn the Harlem Globetrotters, the dating Goths blindsided the former NFL cheerleaders by posting their picture instead.

But Cara says the sneaky move wasn’t as shocking as it appeared.

“I think we had always gone into the ‘Race’ anticipating that they give us tools that we could use and that could also be used against us and Kent and Vyxsin did just that,” says Cara.

“If we were in their shoes, we might have done the same. I’m not sure we would’ve done it to them right there on the mat but mostly because it would’ve been poor strategy … you’d want to go for (a team) that’s further behind.” 

Jaime and Cara, who chose to U-turn the Globetrotters in the double U-turn, were able to complete both sides of the Detour quite quickly but ran into problems once they got to the Roadblock challenge, which consisted of assembling a 20ft. tall replica of a dinosaur at the Stone Forest near Kunming, China.

“Once the pieces are locked in they are almost impossible to take back out without exerting a tremendous amount of strength,” says Jaime, who took on the task.

“We’d been running for four days -- no food, no sleep, and no shower. Cara and I had chosen the solar panels, which were very heavy, up six flights of stairs, four times, so we already extended a lot of our remaining muscle at that point on that challenge and it took about four hours to build that dinosaur.”

By the time Jaime finished the task, all the other teams had already left and when the cheerleaders got to the mat, host Phil Keoghan confirmed they had been eliminated.

Looking back, both Jaime and Cara say the only thing that might have changed their fate is if their taxi driver didn’t stop for gas, which cost them an hour.

“Cara was able to somewhat estimate the amount of time it took me to finish re-building the dinosaur after Justin left and it was between having to do the other side of the Detour and (finding a) gas stop … but other than that, there was really nothing else we could’ve done,” says Jaime.

Even so, Cara says it was disappointing to be the third team sent home, considering they finished in second place when they ran the ‘Race’ the first time in Season 14.

“We got to run the entire ‘Race’ last time and came so close but I think for Jaime and myself we agreed that it was harder the first time around for a variety of reasons but the first and foremost of which is that we were so close (to winning),” says Cara.

This season was also more physically and emotionally challenging than the first time they ran, adds Jaime.

“The thing Cara and I loved so much about the ‘Race’ the first time is that we really thrive on the competition part, which is doing the tasks and doing the research … this time it could take sometimes three or four days before we finally got to a challenge because there was so much travel and layovers and trains and planes involved.  By the time we finally got to something we were starving, we hadn’t slept, it had been four days since we’d done anything.”

But Cara did find a way to make good use of all this travelling time -- the law student was studying for her final exams.

“I brought along outlines for each of my courses and studied and then as soon as we got back, literally a day and a half later I sat with my class for my first final in constitutional law. It was an additional challenge for sure … (and) all of the other racers got a kick out of it, too. They said they would borrow my outlines when they would have trouble falling asleep.”

Jaime also went through a major career change since running the ‘Race’ the first time -- she became a Playboy Playmate.

“I actually said to (Hugh Hefner), ‘You know that I’m not 19 and I’m not blonde. I’m a 30-year-old redhead.’ I thought I was being ‘Punk’d’ for a second there but it’s actually been a whirlwind past year and a half and I’m happy.”

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