TIFF Day 3: How Bradley Cooper made me blush

TIFF Day 3: How Bradley Cooper made me blush
by: Sheri Block

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I've been a fan of Bradley Cooper's for a long time, and after seeing him deliver two more incredible performances at TIFF, I couldn’t wait to meet him. Too bad I used the opportunity to accidentally make fun of him.    

The chance came about during an impromptu press conference for "Silver Linings Playbook" with Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and director David O. Russell.

In the movie Cooper plays Pat, a former teacher who returns home to re-build his life after eight months in a mental institution, who forms an unlikely friendship with an eccentric widow named Tiffany (Lawrence).

Cooper, sporting a long sleeve blue shirt that perfectly accentuated his dreamy eyes, and Lawrence, dressed strikingly in a fluorescent yellow blouse, pencil skirt and four-inch stilettos, entered the room looking relaxed and started joking around about how the setup in the small hotel suite (them sitting in huge chairs facing an onslaught of reporters) felt more like an intervention than an interview.

When I got drawn to ask the first question, I thought I would use the opportunity to ask both Cooper and Lawrence what attracted them to these quirky, dramatic roles considering they've both starred in such huge franchises and blockbusters ("X-Men" and "The Hunger Games" for Lawrence and "The Hangover" films for Cooper).

"Jennifer, you’ve been nominated for an Oscar, you were in huge franchise movies, and Bradley, you’ve done stuff like 'The Hangover…,'" I started to ask.

Cooper interjects with a huge burst of laughter. "That was fantastic!"

Why is he laughing, I ask myself?

He goes on to imitate me: "'(Jennifer's) won an Oscar and you . . . you’ve just done 'The Hangover.'"

Aw, crap. I didn’t mean it like that.

"You missed the best part though," says Lawrence. "She didn't pronounce the 'g.' She said ‘Han-over."

More laughter.

I tried to backpedal and say I was complimenting him for being in such a big movie but he just kept laughing and saying, "That was awesome."

All a girl could do was blush.

But at least they still answered the question (once all the howling died down of course).

Lawrence says it was Russell, best know for his films "Spanking the Monkey," "I Heart Huckabees," and "The Fighter," who made her want to do the role.

"I didn’t even read the script. I heard it was David O. Russell and I said yes. He’s my favourite director and then when I read the script I was really happy I said yes. I just fell in love with the character. She’s hilarious and unapologetic."

Cooper, who is also appearing in "The Place Beyond the Pines" at TIFF, concurs.

"The whole reason I dreamt about becoming an actor as a kid was to do movies that this guy makes so the fact that he had the confidence in me to want to work together I just took a leap of faith and trusted him because it was life-changing for me."

Russell was just as complimentary about his leading man.

"(Bradley) I knew from 'Wedding Crashers,' he had an intensity and an anger that I found personally a little intimidating and I told him that when I first met him. And that was a really good thing. It was a scary quality that made me think he could play the role . . . he isn’t just the affable rounded guy from 'The Hangover,'" says Russell.

So I got a great answer to my question despite completely embarrassing myself in front of two of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Who am I kidding? Bradley Cooper thinks I'm hilarious. Things couldn’t have turned out any better if I had planned them that way.