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Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec is one of North America's most recognizable business leaders. He has built and sold businesses on his way to amassing a personal fortune of over $100 million dollars. A first generation immigrant, he arrived in North America at age 8 with his parents after escaping Communist Yugoslavia. With one suitcase, little prospects, $20, no understanding of English but with unlimited dreams, Herjavec personifies the classic rags to riches immigrant story.

From delivering newspapers, waiting on tables and launching a computer company from his basement, Herjavec applied his immense energy and ambition with outstanding success. A serial entrepreneur, he has built and sold numerous companies, including a computer security company to AT&T and a technology company to Nokia for $225 million. Widely known as an entrepreneurial and motivational expert, his business advice has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines.

Following a short retirement, Herjavec launched The Herjavec Group, now acknowledged as a leading cyber security provider - which has in a few short years grown from $400k in sales and a staff of three to a run rate of over $80 million and more than 100 people. With the aptly titled Driven, published by Harper Collins, Herjavec can now add best-selling author to his resume, as the book has been a national bestseller for several months.

Herjavec is an avid runner, most recently completing the New York City Marathon.
A single digit golfer, he has played in several charity golf tournaments, including the Wayne Gretzky Nationwide Tour Pro-Am. Most recently he has gone back to one of his first loves - motor racing - competing in the Ferrari Challenge Series across North America.


HOMETOWN Varazdin, Croatia
BIRTHDATE September 14


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