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Victor Reis

Ever the extroverted O.R. Nurse with the deadpan sense of humour, Victor Reis isn’t letting the demise of his long term relationship with Shahir hinder his mood. He’s as clever and on top of his game as ever this Season as he moves on from their relationship and remains optimistic as to what may be on the horizon for himself both professionally and personally.

Salvatore Antonio

Salvatore’s resume boasts lead roles in Television, Film, Radio, and Theatre. He played the series lead on Paradise Falls. Recent guest starring roles include: Being Erica, Lost Girl, InSecurity; Nikita, Flashpoint; Warehouse13; The Listener, The Ron James Show, ReGenesis, M.V.P, This Is Wonderland At The Hotel, Missing; Mutant X. Film work includes featured roles in: Verona; The Path to 9/11, Do Or Die, Cursing Hanley, Looking For Angelina; Gospel of John; and Sam's Lake.

Salvatore has played on most of Canada's professional stages from Vancouver to Halifax. Memorable performances include; the title-role in the critically-acclaimed 'Leo', the title-role in Hosanna, Refugee Hotel, Melancholy Play, Peep Show, The Possibilities, and Spring Awakening.
In addition to his acting and teaching, Salvatore is also a Governor General-nominated published playwright, who has been produced internationally. His first play In Gabriel's Kitchen earned him a nomination for the 2007 Governor General's Award for Drama.


Season Premiere Part 1

Monday, September 22 at 9pm ET on CTV

Season Premiere Part 2 airs Thursday, September 25 at 9pm ET

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