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Zach Miller

Still reeling from the death of his best friend last season, E.R. doctor and resident ladies man Dr. Zach Miller is coping with life without Dr. Joel Goran the only way he knows how: work and women. Leaning on his devil-may-care attitude and personal motto of “Treat ‘em and street ‘em” – part of his commitment to medicinal excellence and personal philandering – it will take the patients he’s quick to discharge, and the doctors he’s quick to dismiss, to get him to confront his inability to process the trauma of losing his friend. 

Ben Ayres

Benjamin Ayres is a leading performer in the film and television industry, well known for slipping seamlessly between genres. After two seasons as a series regular on the CTV hit series "Dan For Mayor," Ayres nabbed the role of Dr. Zachary Miller in the highly acclaimed CTV original series "Saving Hope." He also plays Eric Blake on HBO Canada’s Gemini Award-winning series "Less Than Kind," for which Ayres recently received a Canadian Screen Award nomination. He also played the chain-smoking sex addict with a morbid death obsession in "Jpop," based on the Douglas Coupland novel of the same name. The role garnered Ayres a Leo nomination in 2008.
During his early twenties, Ayres studied at The Lyric School of Acting under the direct mentorship of studio head Michele Lonsdale Smith. He later collaborated with her as a performer in a wide range of theatrical productions; including multiple mountings of Eric Bogosian’s one man play "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll," Judith Thompson’s "Lion in the Streets," and August Strindberg’s "Miss Julie." Ayres became one of Vancouver’s most in-demand stage actors and was approached to originate the role of Tench in the world premiere of Raul Inglis’s In "The Eyes of God," and again in Inglis’s next original play, "Surveillance."
Ayres has also appeared in various guest starring and recurring roles on the following hit series: "Bitten," "Lost Girl," "The Vampire Diaries." "Flashpoint," "Combat Hospital," "Smallville," "Battlestar Galactica," and the miniseries "Diamonds and Impact."



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