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Maggie Lin

Following her miscarriage last season, Dr. Maggie Lin is at an impasse in her personal and professional life. It’s a roller coaster of a season for Dr. Lin, who struggles to balance her emotions and personal life with the rigors of diving into obstetrics alongside a new mentor who might prove to be more than Maggie can handle. Couple that added pressure with the looming medical board exams that will decide her fate as a doctor, Maggie might find she has too much on her plate. In the high stakes world of Hope Zion Hospital, Maggie quickly learns that the only option is to put on her surgical gloves and plug forward, even with her close friend and colleague Alex’s (Erica Durance) fate resting in limbo.

Julia Taylor Ross

Julia Taylor Ross currently plays Dr. Maggie Lin on CTV’s hit medical drama "Saving Hope." Among her other credits are Silent House," the 2011 thriller with Elizabeth Olsen; "Rookie Blue"; The Movie Network’s mini-series "Blood Letting & Miraculous CUres"; and "The Republic of Doyle."
Her stage credits include "Iris" and "On The Verge" at The New School, No Exit" at 59 East 59 St. Theater, the title role in "The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow" at the W.H.A.T. Stock Company on Cape Cod, and "Knock!" and "Lulu" on the main stage at the prestigious American Repertory Theater while at Harvard.
She is a 2010 graduate of The New School for Drama in New York and has a BA degree in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University.

Taylor Ross was born in the UK, grew up in Hong Kong, and lives in New York City.


Season Premiere Part 1

Monday, September 22 at 9pm ET on CTV

Season Premiere Part 2 airs Thursday, September 25 at 9pm ET

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