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Jackson Wade

Last season, Jackson spent a lot of time in the ICU as Charlie’s main Nurse. Now Jackson is working alongside all the doctors at Hope Zion – and whether he’s assisting in the E.R., O.R., or the ICU, Jackson brings a much-needed sense of levity wherever he goes.

Joseph Pierre

Saving Hope sees Joseph take on the role of Jackson Wade; the down to earth and witty ICU nurse. It marks his third time collaborating with director/producer David Wellington; having previously acted on Rookie Blue and Would be Kings. Select credits include The Listener, King, The Bridge, Intelligence, Playmakers and the Jim Sheridan directed Get Rich or Die Tryin. Joseph is also an acclaimed playwright, having been both produced and published. A collection of his works can be found in the anthology entitled, “BeatDown: Three Plays by Joseph Jomo Pierre” published by Playwrights Canada Press. His play Born Ready, led to him working with distinguished documentary filmmaker Allan King on his finale film, Empz 4 Life.  Joseph enjoys sports, and the serenity of his new-found addiction for Ball Pythons. The proud Toronto native was born in the beautiful island of Trinidad.



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