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Shahir Hamza

Season Two finds our Aspie Neurosurgeon, Dr. Shahir Hamza, honing in on his ‘people skills’. Shahir is digging a bit deeper this Season -- even recruiting some advice from his fellow doctors on how he can better relate to his patients -- as well as his colleagues. He and Victor are still spilt up, but must figure out a way to remain professional and work together. Last Season, Shahir seemed less self-aware when he found himself in conflicts with co-workers and patients, but this Season, we find Shahir making an honest effort to try and bridge the social gap he’s been fighting his entire life to connect with others.

Huse Madhavji

Huse Madhavji is best known as the former face of Star! Canada’s Entertainment Channel, and is quickly making a name for himself as a powerful actor in the world of film and television.  Huse was the feature reporter for UPN television’s evening and morning shows covering the entire region from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe.  He then got a phone call from Star! (now E! Canada) and was offered to host their flagship show called Star! Daily. As the face of Star! he hosted numerous live events such as “The Star Schmooze”, “Canada’s New Years Eve Bash,” “Live At The Genie Awards and covering US President Obama’s election in Grant Park Chicago.

After the end of Star!, Huse decided to go back to his creative roots to pursue acting on film and stage. On television, Huse can be seen every week on 2 television series, HBO Canada/Direct-TV’s hit comedy Call Me Fitz along side Jason Priestly, and ABC/Global’s Combat Hospital opposite Elias Koteas and Michelle Borth. Other credits include the CBC pilot Throwing Stones, the CBC drama The Border the CBS/CTV police drama The Bridge, and a lead role in a feature film crime drama Cold Blooded opposite Ryan Robbins and Zoie Palmer.


Season Premiere Part 1

Monday, September 22 at 9pm ET on CTV

Season Premiere Part 2 airs Thursday, September 25 at 9pm ET

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