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Alex Reid

Dr. Alex Reid, the heart of Hope Zion, is back for Season 2 - this time with her fiancĂ©, Dr. Charlie Harris at her side.  As a Senior General Surgery Resident, Alex arrives back at the hospital eager to get back into the O.R. to the job she absolutely loves.  She’s looking to move on with Charlie and put their past behind them, but their relationship is challenged as Charlie becomes more and more aloof over time. To add to Alex’s tumultuous past year – Dr. Dawn Bell (Charlie’s Ex-Wife) is back working at Hope Zion, Dr. Joel Goran is now Alex’s boss as Chief of Surgery, and Alex’s younger brother, Luke, shows up bringing all kinds of chaos with him.
All the while, Alex tries to maintain focus on her career. She struggles this Season with finding her emotional boundaries with her patients -- the delicate balance between being an objective professional and a compassionate person. There will be many personal and professional struggles for Alex this Season as she navigates her way through her job, and relationships.     

Erica Durance

Erica Durance was born in Calgary, Alberta but in 1999 moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue film & television. Her first film role was Tara Knowles, the daughter of actor Lance Henricksen. Erica then began landing guest starring roles on series such as The Chris Isaak Show, Tru Calling, Stargate, The Collector, Andromeda as well as numerous national and international commercials.

In 2003 acclaimed television director David Nutter (X-Files, Smallville, Supernatural, Chase) met her in an audition and immediately signed her with Warner Brothers. In 2004 Erica landed the much-coveted role of Lois Lane in the WB’s hit show Smallville, which has just completed its 10th season. Most recently, Erica was a guest star on Harry’s Law and Charlie’s Angeles. 

Erica’s film credits include lead roles in Butterfly Effect 2, starring roles in numerous MOW’s and a cameo in Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.


Season Premiere Part 1

Monday, September 22 at 9pm ET on CTV

Season Premiere Part 2 airs Thursday, September 25 at 9pm ET

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