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Joel Goran

Dr. Joel Goran begins Season 3 haunted by his failure to keep the woman he loves safe. After his patient stabbed Alex in the heart while under his care, Joel struggles to reconcile his place in the hospital and his ability to protect both his patients and his personal relationships. Tasked with coming to terms with his mistake, Joel does the only thing he knows how to do and dives headfirst into work. But with multiple responsibilities beginning to pile up, will Joel find himself spread too thin to be an effective doctor? And if Joel finds himself questioning the choices he’s made, what will Alex’s fiancĂ© Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) think of the blunder that led to Alex’s stabbing? Joel is about to find out that at Hope Zion Hospital, things only get more complicated as time goes on. This season, Joel will find out that Charlie (Michael Shanks) is not the only one who faces ghosts, as pieces from his past begin to show up in the present day. Never one to slow down, Joel decides to take on even more work, opening up an entirely new world of possibilities in not only his vocation, but also his romantic life. He will find himself struggling to overcome the burdens of his past, while forging ahead with new beginnings and added responsibilities. But with all of these irons in the fire, just how much fuel does Joel have left before he burns out?

Daniel Gillies

Canadian-born, New Zealand raised actor Daniel Gillies is perhaps best known for his role as Original Vampire Elijah on "The Vampire Diaries." The success of the show and Daniel’s storyline garnered the network a spin-off series entitled, "The Originals," which Daniel currently stars in.
Gillies is simultaneously working on the third season of CTV’s hit medical drama "Saving Hope" playing the role of Dr. Joel Goran – a hotshot young surgeon starring opposite "Smallville's" Erica Durance.
He has starred in such films as "Bride & Prejuice," "Spiderman 2," and Rolan Joffe’s "Captivity." Daniel also starred in the hit New Zealand Television Drama, "Street Legal," and was awarded Best Actor for his work in "1999."

A veteran of the theatre, Daniel participated in more than twenty plays professionally; including "Julius Caesar," "Three Sisters,
"Long Day’s Journey into Night," and "The Judas Kiss." In 2006, he played a lead in the International Festival darling "The Sensation Of Sight," alongside Academy Award®-nominee David Strathairn. The following year, Gillies started his own production company – Holy Monster.
Gillies’ past television credits include "True Blood" and "The Glades." He also made guest appearances on the much-celebrated mini-series "Into The West" and "NCIS" as a British MI-6 agent. Other guest appearances include "Masters of Horrors," "Jeremiah," and "Mentors." 
Not only does Gillies enjoy being in front of the camera, but he also enjoys writing and directing. In 2010, he wrote and directed his first independent film, "Broken Kingdom," which won the Best Director Award and the Youth Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the 2011 Rhode Island International Film Festival. Broken Kingdom" also took home the Avalon Feature Film Award at this year’s Catalina Film Festival. The film was shot in Bogotá, Colombia and Los Angeles.



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