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What do 'Saving Hope' actors hope for their characters in Season 2?

Season 1 ended with quite a bang at Hope-Z. Charlie’s up and at ‘em (and able to chat with dead people!), Kinney was usurped by Joel (!), Maggie and Gavin ended up together, and Alex was left waiting at the makeshift hospital garden altar for Charlie to join her…

There’s tons of unknowns going into Season 2, but what do cast members want  for their characters next season?

Michael Shanks (Charlie Harris)

“There’s a lot of interesting stories that can be told with a doctor who’s actually functioning in a hospital who sees and talks to dead people. It can interfere with his personal and professional life, and can also help both – he can then help his patients and diagnose them and also communicate (that information) to other doctors.

“I’m excited to mine as much of these storylines as possible!”

Erica Durance (Alex Reid)

“I have no idea what’s going to happen next for Alex and Charlie, but I’m just happy that Charlie’s alive and well.

“Whatever happens between them, I want it to be truthful and real and I want him and Alex to find their way. I want there to be a lot of drama, so they’ll probably weave around a lot and hopefully come back together.”

Huse Madhavji (Shahir Hamza, neurologist)

“I imagine Shahir’s going to be really challenged somehow in the second season. He’s so intellectual and cerebral and everything’s scientific to him, and what’s been happening to his friend and patient, and the chief of Surgery, Charlie, is not very scientific at all, so I wonder if this will make for a challenge for Shahir.

“Also, I hope there’s a lot more fleshed out with Shahir and his partner, Victor!”

Julia Taylor Ross (Maggie Lin, surgical resident)

“I hope for Maggie, a real deepening of her medical expertise and to see her grow as a surgeon. I’d love to see her relationship with Erica’s character grow. Seeing female characters interact, especially a mentoring dynamic between a younger surgical resident and an older surgical resident would be great

“I’m also hoping for some serious road blocks for Maggie!”

Kristopher Turner (Gavin Murphy, pysch resident)

“I’d love  to see Gavin and Charlie interact in the new season. There’s a lot of possibilities especially with Gavin being a psych resident and Charlie dealing with that whole talking to ghosts thing
K.C. Collins (Tom Reycraft, chief surgical resident)

“I don’t know if Alex will resume her role as Chief Surgical Resident, or if the job will stay with Reycraft.

“I definitely think he needs a love interest, maybe Maggie, who knows, but someone. It’s about time!”