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Following last season’s climactic finale, which saw Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) fighting for her life after being stabbed in the heart by a patient, Season 3 of "Saving Hope" begins with the passion, pressures, and power plays viewers have come to know and love from the Hope Zion Hospital dream team. There’s no break in the action, as Season 3 kicks-off with a bevy of pulse‐pounding surgeries, adrenaline‐addled breakthroughs, sultry romances, and new doctors ready to shake things up.

This season, "Saving Hope’s: characters are at the forefront of the storytelling. Relationships anchor the series’ leads, while trials and triumphs navigate them through unchartered waters. While Charlie discovers new medical marvels at Hope Zion Hospital that challenge his mind and understanding of his ‘spirit‐doctoring’, the women in his life continue to challenge his heart.

Joel pushes himself to the brink of doctoring both in the hospital and on the streets, but will his new insights hold fast or will he give in to old habits? Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) finds herself in a tailspin following her miscarriage, and surprises herself with bold choices in her love life. And just as Dawn’s (Michelle Nolden) career hits a new high, she finds herself awakened to what is truly missing from her life.

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Thursday, September 24 at 9ET/PT on CTV

New Episodes Available Online: Sept. 25.

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