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'Saving Hope' Digital Series: Psychic Healing

CTV Extend: Exclusive Digital Series

Saving Hope: Psychic Healing *ALL NEW*

"Psychic Healing" shares insider revelations about our lead characters, including Alex Reid (Erica Durance), through flash-forwards and flashbacks triggered by readings from our sometimes insightful and always entertaining psychic, The Great Randall.

Watch the most recent episodes!

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Saving Hope: Last Call

Learn more about the exclusive "Saving Hope" companion digital series where characters sidle up to the bar.

12 episodes

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Saving Hope: Ask Gavin

The Hope-Zion staff has questions. Dr. Gavin Murphy has answers.

13 episodes

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'Saving Hope' on Marilyn

Kim Shaw and Afrim Pristine pair cheese with Thanksgiving favourites

The new "Saving Hope" star joins Marilyn and Afrim Pristine of "Cheese Boutique" to pair cheese with Thanksgiving treats!

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