‘And the award for sexiest Ryan Gosling film goes to…’ CTV.ca makes up new Oscars categories

‘And the award for sexiest Ryan Gosling film goes to…’ CTV.ca makes up new Oscars categories
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by: Michael Jodha

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Each year, the Oscars honour the very best in film with their nominations (you can see the finalists here). But where are the awards for some of the zanier categories that have people talking around the water cooler? Movie fans everywhere were privy to conversations about which animal actor they liked best – “The Artist”’s Uggie or “War Horse”’s Joey - and what was the best Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender movie of the year.

Since the Oscars can only fit in the most important awards during the three-hour broadcast (fair enough), we’ve decided to bestow our own “Best Of” honours for the categories that won’t be receiving a golden statue this year.

Sexiest Ryan Gosling Movie: “Drive”
The Canadian actor was definitely the man about town in 2011, posing pensively and staring into the distance in films like “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “The Ides Of March” and “Drive”. But it’s his role as “the driver” that takes the prize. There’s just something about a man on the wrong side of the law that makes you want to turn his sexy frown upside down.

Best Use of Skin: Michael Fassbender in “Shame”
Fassbender deserves this honour for baring it all in “Shame”. And it was a lot to bare! Which other actor showed this much skin in 2011? Do we even care? No, we do not. This was all we needed. Thank you, sir!

Movie with the Most Oscar Firepower: “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”
Oscar winners Tom Hanks (1993 Best Actor, “Philadelphia” and 1994 Best Actor, “Forrest Gump”) and Sandra Bullock (2009 Best Actress, “The Blind Side”) were paired up with Max von Sydow and Viola Davis, who each earned Oscar nominations this year (Sydow for Best Supporting Actor in “Loud” and Davis for Best Actress in “The Help”), giving it more Oscar-nominated cast members than any other nominated films.

Grossest Movie Moment: Melissa McCarthy and the Sink in “Bridesmaids”
She needed to go number two. There was a vacant sink. Need we say more? Melissa McCarthy is a brave actress indeed for filming a legendary comedic scene that will be talked about for years to come. Kudos, Melissa!

Best Non-Human Role: Uggie in “The Artist”
This award isn’t going to Uggie just because he’s the cutest animal of the 2011. The Jack Russell terrier is a veteran actor, having starred in films like “Mr. Fix It”, “Water for Elephants” and now “The Artist”. He’s polite, talented and adorable; he knows how to dress and he proves dogs really are a man’s best friend by never leaving Jean Dujardin’s side in the film. Let’s all paws for a moment of appreciation.

Best Zinger: “Bridesmaids”
Instead of honouring the best screenplay overall, we’re honouring the best zinger from a movie; a line or two that was awesome in its wording, delivery and impact in the film. This year’s honour goes to “Bridesmaids”:

Annie Walker (looks at the nametag of flight attendant who is asking her to return to her seat): Whatever you say, Stove.
Flight Attendant: It’s Steve.
Annie: Stove? What kind of name is that?
Flight Attendant: That's not a name. My name is Steve.
Annie: Are you an appliance?
Flight Attendant: No, I'm a man and my name is Steve.
Annie: You’re a flight attendant.

Best Harry Potter Connection: Kenneth Branagh and Emma Watson in “My Week with Marilyn”
He played Professor Lockhart, the dashingly handsome defence against the dark arts teacher, and she played Hermione Granger, the astute student in 2002’s “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. But there was no time for after-school study sessions for the pair as they embraced more serious parts as Sir Laurence Olivier and Lucy in “My Week with Marilyn”. It was magical watching them act in post-Harry Potter roles.

Best Movie Hairstyle: Rooney Mara in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”
Rooney Mara’s character Lisbeth Salander proves to us that you don’t need to consult fashion magazines to make yourself look good. Her roughly cut hair made the style possibilities endless: mohawks, stuffed under a hoodie, hanging loose or brushed to the side. Every look was fierce, strong, original, and showed off how stunning Rooney Mara really is.

Best Smile: Michelle Williams in “My Week with Marilyn”
Michelle Williams does a superb job bringing to life the iconic sex symbol of the 1950s. As Marilyn Monroe, Williams captured the throaty voice, graceful poses and, when Williams flashed her smile, it seemed as though we were watching the real Monroe taking over the big screen once again.

Best Hollywood Newbie: Shailene Woodley in “The Descendants”
“The Descendants” was Woodley’s first feature film role, for which she earned acclaim from various critics and scored herself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She currently stars in the teen drama “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”.

Don’t miss the Oscars Red Carpet at 8pm ET and the 84th Academy Awards at 8:30pm ET on Sunday, February 26 on CTV.


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