‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: Anton the Giant is back with a vengeance

‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: Anton the Giant is back with a vengeance
Anton the Giant (Jorge Garcia) in a scene from 'Once Upon a Time.' Photo courtesy Disney
by: Sheri Block

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This week’s episode of “Once Upon A Time” may be called “Tiny” but there’s nothing ‘tiny’ about the character who is returning to the show. 

Anton the Giant (Jorge Garcia of “Lost” fame) has ventured down the beanstalk and into Storybrooke and his first target is surprisingly not Emma or Hook, but David. 

“Upon seeing David, Anton has a case of mistaken identity and has an old score to settle with David, which David knows nothing about, and proceeds to unleash his vengeance and wreak havoc on the town of Storybrooke,” Josh Dallas, who plays David, tells The Hollywood Reporter. 

“It's David and the Storybrooke crew's jobs to try to get Anton (to see) what kind of people the town's residents are and to get him (to see) they're not people he should fear.”

Dallas hints that things do go in their favour and the people of Storybrooke are able to find some hope by the end of the episode, in particular for David and Mary Margaret. But it doesn’t mean things are all rosy when it comes to this reunited couple. 

“(Their relationship) takes many, many twists and turns along the way . . . They are trying to figure out where they belong. Now that they're back together after all this time being separated . . . they're trying to figure out what their relationship is now,” he told the website. 

As well as trying to decide where their relationship stands, the couple will have to decide whether to continue to reside in Storybrooke or return to fairytale land, a move David desperately wants. 

But a preview for the episode indicates David has some other things to take care of first – in the form of Captain Hook. 

Things will also be challenging for Mr. Gold as he ventures out of Storybrooke for the first time in search of his son. 

And while Gold tries to navigate the outside world, the other characters are bracing themselves for “some of the biggest changes of the season,” according to the preview. 

Let’s hope it doesn’t involve another curse. 

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca. 


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