Regina, Mr. Gold and Charming form an unlikely trio on 'Once Upon A Time' to keep Regina’s evil mother out of Storybrooke

Regina, Mr. Gold and Charming form an unlikely trio on 'Once Upon A Time' to keep Regina’s evil mother out of Storybrooke
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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It’s hard to imagine Regina, Mr. Gold and Prince Charming agreeing on anything, but in Sunday's episode of “Once Upon A Time,” they did just that.

This unlikely trio joined forces for the greater good – keeping  Regina's mother Cora from entering Storybrooke. And no wonder – she’s more evil than Regina and Mr. Gold combined.

Though they want to keep Cora out, they also want to get Snow and Emma (where they’re trapped with Mulan and Aurora) and Gold comes up with a plan that involves the fiery netherworld Henry went to in his dreams.

Of course, dreams aren’t benign in “Once,” and this fiery place is more an alternate reality than a dream state.

As Henry’s nursing a burnt arm, Regina, Gold and Charming decide it’s too dangerous for him to go back, so the ever-gallant Charming agrees to be put under a sleeping curse.

He enters the dream looking for Snow as Gold told him a kiss of true love would get both Emma and Snow both out. But when the two lovers try to embrace, they realize they’re in an alternate reality and can’t actually touch each other. So much for breaking the curse.

Forget Sleeping Beauty, now it’s Charming “asleep” waiting for Snow and Emma to return. It’d be hard to imagine “Once” without him (though they did get rid of the Huntsman…)

Fingers crossed that Charming’s fate will be revealed in next week’s mid-season finale…

"Once Upon a Time" airs Sundays at 7/8C on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at


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