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Xander Berkeley

Berkeley made his screen debut in "Mommie Dearest" as Christopher Crawford. Now, almost 100 films later, he still feels like the same kid in a candy shop when it comes to putting on the costume and becoming someone else. Berkeley's skill as a make-up artist helped him transform himself and land the role of drug dealer Bower Snax in Sid and Nancy in 1985.

Berkeley's resume varies from huge blockbusters like "Terminator 2," "Apollo 13" and "A Few Good Men," to smaller independent films like "Safe," opposite Julianne Moore, and "Candyman" opposite Virginia Madsen. His other film credits include "Kick-Ass," "Air Force One," "Amistad" and "Faster," starring Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton. He can next be seen in the film ""The Hungry Rabbit Jumps," starring Nicolas Cage.

Berkeley can next be seen in the short film "Project 5," directed by Jennifer Aniston.

Television credits include a recurring role on "24" and guest starring roles on "The Closer," "The Mentalist," "Boston Legal," "Bones," "CSI" and "Law & Order."


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