‘Motive’ Q&A: Get to know Kristin Lehman

‘Motive’ Q&A: Get to know Kristin Lehman
by: Sheri Block

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In “Motive,” Kristin Lehman stars as detective Angie Flynn.

The Vancouver-born actress, who has appeared in TV series such as “The Killing” and “Prison Break,” portrays a sympathetic detective who tries to understand why everyday people would commit horrific crimes.

While Angie is the best in the business, Lehman says she wouldn’t want Angie’s job. Still, she does admire her character’s ability to accept chaos and also appreciates her love of sugary snacks!

Find out more fun facts about Lehman and her character below.

1. If you weren’t an actor, would you like to be a detective like your character Angie Flynn?

No, I would not under any circumstances want Angie's job.

2. What traits do you admire about Angie? Are there any you wish you had?

I admire Angie's self-acceptance and her ability to accept chaos. I really have been influenced by her acceptance of imperfection. She doesn't strive for perfection – she's content with her life.

3. What special training did you to do to prepare for this role?

I met with a female and male detective team and spent some time asking them about their jobs and life choices, personal and professional. Observing their dynamic and their work environment was really, really helpful.

4. What’s one thing Angie always has on his or her desk?

Angie always has lots of picture of her son Manny as a little boy on her desk, and his childhood artwork. Also a stash of chocolate and chips in her bottom drawer and a toothbrush in the top drawer.

5. What’s your favourite prop to use or favourite piece of clothing to wear on the show?

My favourite prop to use is a pen. It gives me a place to direct any nervous or distracted energy. The sound technicians hate me for it. My favorite piece of clothing is my Fiorentino and Baker boots, once I put them on Angie comes right out of me. They change the way I walk and move.

6. What is Angie’s vice of choice? Is it similar to any real-life ones you have?

Angie’s vice of choice is anything doughy and sugary. Thankfully so is mine!

7. If you could star in a re-make of a classic film, which film would it be and who would you want to play?

Hmm… I don't generally like re-makes, but maybe “The Big Chill” or “Kramer vs. Kramer.” Or Katharine Hepburn's role in “The Philadelphia Story.”

8. What superpower would Angie like to have and why? What would you have in real-life?

I think Angie would like the power to see the absolute truth. And I would most definitely want the power to heal the sick.

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