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Detective Angie Flynn

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Kristin Lehman

No stranger to series television, Canadian actress Kristin Lehman most recently starred as the campaign advisor in the critically lauded murder mystery THE KILLING. Prior to this, she appeared in DRIVE with Emma Stone, PRISON BREAK with Wentworth Miller, KILLER INSTINCT, TILT, CENTURY CITY with Viola Davis, JUDGING AMY, STRANGE WORLD, and FELICITY with Keri Russell and Scott Speedman.  

Lehman will also be featured in the upcoming film The Loft with James Marsden and Karl Urban. Additional film credits include Arthur Newman with Colin Firth and Emily Blunt, The Sentinel with Michael Douglas, The Chronicles of Riddick with Vin Diesel and Judi Dench, and The Way of the Gun with Benicio Del Toro.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Lehman and her husband are the proud parents of a five-year-old son.

Detective Angie Flynn

Some things in Angie’s life have stayed the same. She still rents her house in a working class neighbourhood and drives a “classic” Oldsmobile Hurst, but there has been one major change – her son, Manny, left home to attend college. Now technically an empty-nester, Angie dives even further into her work, but the station’s new team commander doesn’t make it easy on her.

Sergeant Mark Cross has a mysterious connection to Angie’s past, one she’s not keen to revisit. She’s never let her personal life get in the way of her job, but what happens when the lines between personal and professional are blurred?

As always, Angie looks to her partner Vega for support. He’s her rock and confidant. But three can be a crowd and the addition of Cross tests Angie and Vega’s relationship in a way it never has before.

Through it all, Angie calls on her experiences each time she’s faced with a challenge. She’s impulsive, determined, and always speaks her mind. But as a mother, she’s caring and empathetic – having a soft spot for the underdog and spending more time fighting for others than she does herself. It’s a combination uniquely Angie and there’s no way she’d ever change.  



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