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Have you got what it takes to solve the case? The more you play, the more you will be promoted up the ranks. Good luck!

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Lauren Holly on 'Marilyn'

Featured Interview: Chatting with Lauren Holly

The actress who plays Dr. Betty Rogers reveals her trick to memorizing all the medical lingo on the show.

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What's their "Motive?"

Featured Interview: What's their 'Motive?'

Warren Christie, Brendan Penny, and Kristin Lehman stop by to talk about what to expect from the new season

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CTV Extend

Motive: The Dark Corner

Go deeper into the world of Motive when a cold case from Staff Sergeant's past comes to light with unexpected results.

8 episodes

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  • The One Who Got Away, Episode 13

    Angie's past comes back to haunt her while investigating the murder of a teenage boy.

  • Ruthless, Episode 12

    Flynn and Vega investigate the murder of an executive assistant and discover an unexpected link between the killer and the victim… a link that threatens to expose an even more deadly secret.

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