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Vanessa Lengies

Born in Montreal, Vanessa Lengies has been acting since she uttered her first words. Her fresh face and honest portrayals throughout her career have made her an actress to watch. She was last seen as Sugar Motta on the hit series Glee. She previously starred opposite Jada Pinkett Smith on the popular TNT series HawthoRNe.

Acting professionally since childhood, Lengies began her career working on several popular Canadian TV series such as Are You Afraid of the Dark and Radio Active. Canadian audiences will also remember her as co-host with Elisha Cuthbert on the hugely successful Popular Mechanics for Kids.

She made her American series regular debut when she was cast as Roxanne Bojarski on the drama series American Dreams, which portrayed Philadelphia in the era of American Bandstand. Lengies work on the show won the hearts of audiences across America, made her a household name and earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination.

Lengies has also made a name for herself on the big screen with lead roles in audience favorites like Stick It, Waiting and The Perfect Man. She co-starred in My Suicide, which won several best film awards including the Crystal Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for Best Feature Film - Generation 14plus.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Lengies enjoys all things art as well as outdoor life. Though born and raised in Montreal, her culturally diverse background of Egyptian and German have given her a love for travel and education, but she will always call Montreal home.


Kacey is a young, fit, hyper-positive cocktail waitress. Her relentlessly bubbly personality is great for slinging cocktails to ladies and gents alike.

Kacey was born in West Greentree, OH, a doted-on only child who was the star of her hometown. She moved to New York with her musical-loving high-school sweetheart to pursue their dream of opening a kick-ass tanning salon. Her dreams were crushed when her musical-loving boyfriend left her for a dude from his gym.

Kacey was deeply hurt. But her natural optimism prevented her from wallowing. She focused on working out, eating healthy and starting over. She’s still the upbeat, energetic girl that she’s always been -- but now she’s seriously hesitant to take chances on love. Kacey’s happy to settle for casual flings. Or at least she thinks she is, until tonight.