Eliminated 'MasterChef' contestant Malcolm Green dishes on his culinary journey

Eliminated 'MasterChef' contestant Malcolm Green dishes on his culinary journey
(Photo courtesy of FOX)
by: Nadia Maciel

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Even though he didn’t receive the coveted “MasterChef” title, that hasn’t  stopped Malcolm Green  from doing the thing he loves most – but this time he’s cooking for a much more forgiving audience.

“I’m definitely still cooking everyday,” says Green, who was eliminated from the Top 19 last week “I have a 4-year-old daughter that I cook for everyday, whether I like it or not... so I definitely cook for her but she’s a little bit easier!”

It sounds like it’s a nice break for Malcolm… especially after working alongside the most nerve-racking panel of culinary judges you can possibly think of (A.K.A. Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot…yikes).

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But if there’s one thing that Malcolm is not afraid of it’s a little criticism.

“You try to take their criticism, and you don’t try to apply it personally. You’ve got to apply it to yourself as far as, okay… these people know what they’re talking about, so apply what they’re saying to your next thing.”

He definitely didn’t shy away from breaking the baking boundaries, either.

“I could’ve just done a regular vanilla cupcake and put some frosting on it and been safe, and we could’ve seen that,” Malcolm explains. “But as far as cooking for the three best culinary minds in the world,  who would just want a regular vanilla cupcake? If I was going to miss, I was going to miss going 110%.”

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Even though his buttermilk cupcakes with mascarpone frosting and banana-rum cream filling didn’t make the cut (although they sound absolutely delicious to us!), Malcolm still has big plans for his culinary future.

“Hopefully I can get a show! I mean who knows… I’m very charismatic, very outgoing,” he says excitedly. “I would love to have a show to kind of teach young adults or even older people that you don’t have to have a million dollars in order to cook a million dollar meal.”

And with the recent announcement of “Masterchef Canada,” does this future-chef-host have any advice for our Canadian hopefuls?

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“Stay true to yourself because win, lose, or draw, you’re not going to have any problems with yourself. You have to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day,” explains Malcolm.

“Whatever you cook...you’re going to connect with people. People are going to love you for you.”

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