‘Grimm’ Season 2 premiere appears to be a little…um…grim

‘Grimm’ Season 2 premiere appears to be a little…um…grim
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Things on the first season finale of “Grimm” were a little…um…grim, to say the least. Nick’s mom, who he thought died in a car crash years earlier, reappeared as the spooky woman in black and Nick’s fiancée Juliette found out about Nick’s secret life.

“You’re really scaring me!” she screamed at Nick in the cliffhanger episode after he took her to Aunt Marie’s weapon-filled trailer. But all of that was unresolved as the episode ended with her in a coma from the scratch of a monster-cat.

The hit show, inspired by the classic Grimm fairytales, returns Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning August 13 on CTV. But in mid-September, it’s back to TGIF (that would be, “Thank Grimm it’s Friday!”) as the show moves back to its usual Friday slot.

In a teaser from the first episode of the second season, Det. Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) has his hands full, trying to keep his newly returned mom (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and his Blutbad friend, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) from tearing each other to pieces.

Clearly, Nick’s mother is not used to Grimms hanging out with Wesen, and Monroe is none too pleased with the welcome he’s received. “Who the hell is this bitch?” he demands, uncharacteristically aggressive, needing both his love interest Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Nick to hold him back.

He changes his tone (slightly!) when he finds out she’s Nick’s mom, but tension is certainly riding high.

With no time for a proper family reunion, Rosalee reminds them all that Juliette’s in a coma, with a condition that results in dementia-like symptoms and acute memory loss.

If they get her the antidote in time, will she remember all that Nick has told her? Or will she even remember him at all? Though that’d be emotionally heart-breaking, it would make the whole being-a-Grimm thing a lot easier to contend with…

And though I’m all for happy family reunions, Nick’s mom seems cold and prickly. Is she just unused to the situation, or is there some sort of ulterior motive in the mix?

“Your mother scares the crap out of me, man,” Monroe says on his way to get Juliet her antidote.

Yup, me too, Monroe!



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