Troubles ahead for Monroe say 'Grimm' executive producers

Troubles ahead for Monroe say 'Grimm' executive producers
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Out of the 200 stories the Grimm Brothers actually wrote, “Grimm” executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf admit there are a few they just can’t imagine using in their crime drama.

“Some of them are, you know, a little hard to adapt, like ‘The Sausage and the Donkey,’” says Greenwalt in a recent conference call. “Not every single one lends itself to a great big episode.”

Beyond the completely bizarre tales, Greenwalt believes the Grimms’ stories still carry mass appeal. “There’s a reason (the stories have) been handed down, both in a written and in oral form for all these hundreds and hundreds of years.”

If the Grimm Brothers had known the appeal of Monroe, the Pilates-practicing, craft-beer-drinking, clock-fixing reformed Blutbad, they might have included him in their tales.

“When we first wrote (Monroe’s part), we realized we were on to something tremendous . . . he’s just such an interesting character with a different slant. And in a way, he’s more human than the human characters, you know, because he’s fighting his inner demons so forcefully,” says Greenwalt.

“Silas is just on the money,” says Kouf of Silas Weir Mitchell who plays Monroe.

Recently, however, Monroe has gotten into a bit of hot water with creatures that don’t approve of him helping out Det. Nick Burckhardt.

“There will be some issues with that coming up for sure,” Greenwalt says. “It’s going to fold over into the next year, some of these troubles that haunt him.”

Kouf admits the chemistry between Burckhardt and Monroe has been a “pleasant surprise.”

“We knew that if they gave us a series we could really do something with that relationship.”

Even though the producers can’t promise Monroe will be giving Burckhardt Pilates tips any time soon, Kouf says, “We’ll see them helping one another, and sometimes Monroe will even come to Nick for help.”

It’s not just a guys’ world on “Grimm” in the next few episodes. In “Tarantella,” airing Feb. 10th, Amy Acker from “Angel” will be making an appearance. She’ll be playing “a kind of a Black Widow like you've never seen before,” says Greenwalt.

“And then Valerie Cruz (from ‘Nip/Tuck’) is in a show called ‘Organ Grinder,’” says Greenwalt, about the episode airing Friday, Feb. 3 at 9/8C.
Azura Skye (from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) will also be making an appearance as a bird-like creature.

“We like to have Nick fight those women,” says Greenwalt with a  laugh.

The one woman Burckhardt won’t be fighting anytime soon is his fiancée Juliette, though her character remains quite mysterious and secondary. Not for long, says Greenwalt.

“Well there’s something pretty darn big coming for her for sure . . . A lot of people have opinions of what she might be or what’s to come, but we think we’re going to surprise them.”

And Juliette’s character isn’t the only one with a surprise on its way. “Hank’s got a big thing coming this year, too,” Greenwalt says.

So far this season, the show’s seen creatures inspired by pigs (“Bauerschwein”), snakes (“Lausenschlange”), mice (“Mauzhertz”), rats (“Reinigen”), bees (Mellifer”) and goats (“Ziegevolk”) but Greenwalt and Kouf say they still have many characters to feature.

“We’ve got plenty of mythology waiting for Season 2, and we’ve got plenty of good things to happen,” promises Greenwalt.

“Grimm” airs on Fridays at 9/8C on CTV.


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