Portland, New York, Seattle: A tour of our favourite TV cities

Portland, New York, Seattle: A tour of our favourite TV cities
(L-R) Scenes from 'Grimm,' 'Castle' and 'Grey's Anatomy'
by: Sheri Block and Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Ferry rides with McDreamy, coffee with Castle and microbrewed beer with Monroe.

Each week at CTV.ca, we get more invested in the lives of our favourite TV characters. And while we follow the intricacies of their lives, we’ve also found ourselves falling in love with the places they inhabit.

From Seattle to Portland, New York City to Dallas, we’re banking our vacation days for a CTV.ca travel tour of our favourite TV cities. Here’s hoping we run into Dr. McDreamy over a drink at Joe’s (that place is real, right?).

Seattle, Washington

Rain, giant sinkholes and lions wandering the streets aside, we’ve fallen in love with Seattle over the last eight seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Not only is it the home of McDreamy AND McSteamy, the medical drama makes the city look like a constantly buzzing place in and out of Seattle Grace.

Our to-do list of places to visit? Going to the top of the iconic Space Needle that is often silhouetted in the sunrise and sunset and taking a ferry ride across Puget Sound (just like Derek, we might just have a thing for ferries).

And while we’re there, we’re hoping Derek and Meredith might even have a couple of spare rooms in their almost-built new house.

Portland, Oregon

And while we’re out on the West Coast, we figure we can head a bit further south to Portland, Oregon, home of Detective Nick Burckhardt and our favourite reformed blutbad Monroe of “Grimm.”

Though we could do without the Hexenbiests and Daemonfeuers, we have found ourselves quite smitten with the lushness of the forests and the running trails (though we will make sure not to wear red hoodies while doing so…anyone who watched the first episode will know what we’re talking about!)

In between morning coffees and evening microbrewed beers, we’re hoping to brush up on our Pilates mat work with Monroe.

But we definitely won’t be visiting Whispering Pines, the super creepy resort where Nick tried to propose to Juliette…

New York City, NY

New York City is one of our favourite places to visit with or without TV, and this city love affair is only furthered by shows like “Castle,” “Unforgettable” and “Smash.”

We’re looking forward to reveling in the lights of Broadway and hopefully running into Karen or Ivy from “Smash,” or helping Carrie Wells from “Unforgettable” remember something else from a crime scene, preferably on a sunny day in Central Park.

And at least one of us (Lindsay) is hoping to spend an afternoon wandering about the East Village with a certain crime writer (ahem, Rick Castle, puh-lease?!)

Dallas, Texas

Not only are we throwing in scrubs, raincoats and little black dresses for our trip, we’re also going to pack rhinestone studded cowboy boots and our Sunday best for our next stop: Dallas, Texas, home to the ladies of “GCB.”

And since everything’s bigger in Texas, we also have to remember to pack our push up bras and a whole lot of hairspray. While we’re there, we’re planning on getting beer and wings at the local haunt Boobylicious (we hope Amanda is our server!).

Vancouver, BC

But before we head back to Toronto, we’re going to make a stop in Storybrooke (we mean Vancouver), to hang out with the fairy tale characters in “Once Upon a Time.”

We’ll kick off our stay with pie and coffee at Granny’s restaurant and antique hunting at Mr. Gold’s pawn shop before retiring for the night at the B&B….

If there’s any time left, we’re hoping to stroll down to the famous bridge where Mary Margaret and David had their secret rendezvous and hopefully find the now departed hot Huntsman to take us on a horse ride straight from fairy tale land.

Toronto, ON

We won’t have to go far to see some of the familiar sights showcased in shows like “The Listener,” “Flashpoint” and CTV’s newest medical series, “Saving Hope” – all filmed in our home base of Toronto.

There’s something so satisfying about seeing aerial shots of the CN Tower as Team One from “Flashpoint” heads to a hot call and their jokes about going for rotis in the west end make our stomachs start to growl.

We often walk by the building where Toby from “The Listener” lives (a popular restaurant on Queen Street near our office) and our hearts skip a beat when we recognize the corner store where Toby and Oz have driven past in the ambulance.

We’ve also been lucky to get a sneak peek of “Saving Hope” and were excited to see the streets of Toronto out in full force.

Across the pond…

And if we’re not completely exhausted from all these travels, we’re hoping to board an international flight to some of the cities featured in “Missing,” including Rome, Paris, London and Istanbul (with many more to come as we’re only a few episodes in!).



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