Mid-season cliffhangers and nail biters: The biggest unanswered questions on CTV shows

Mid-season cliffhangers and nail biters: The biggest unanswered questions on CTV shows
Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) from "Grey's Anatomy" and Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) from "Once Upon A Time."
by: Sheri Block and Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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December was full of mid-season finales and the slew of cliffhangers has left us on tenterhooks. Will Meredith Grey and Alex Karev make it back to Seattle Grace? Will Castle and Beckett end up hooking up in the New Year? And will the Evil Queen on “Once Upon a Time” ever be brought to justice for killing off the handsome Huntsman? Here are the pressing questions we can’t wait to have answered…

“Grey’s Anatomy”

The mid-season finale ended in the middle of the highway, during a crazy electrical storm, with Meredith Grey and Alex Karev desperately trying to transfer a sick baby to Seattle Grace. Things went from bad to worse when the ambulance suffered an impact that sent them flying. They all exited the ambulance unharmed, only to find a wrecked vehicle and bodies strewn across the road. Yikes!

And that wasn’t the only drama in the episode. Henry underwent emergency surgery unbeknownst to Teddy and Cristina (who performed the surgery). It was an emotional shocker to find out that he bled out on the table and we expect the repercussions of his death to last deep into the New Year. (We cried just as hard as when Denny died a few seasons earlier!)

“Once Upon A Time”

The last show was a heart breaker…literally, with the Mayor/Evil Queen crushing Sheriff Graham’s heart, but his fairytale character, The Huntsman, wasn’t killed off, or was he?  The big question here is will he come back in a future episode? And who will take his place as the sheriff? Here at CTV.ca, we definitely have our fingers crossed that he will be returning!


The biggest question we have here is about Det. Burkhardt’s fiancée Juliette. So far, she’s been sugar and spice and all things nice, smiling sweetly while helping out injured puppies, but we’re convinced there’s something darker to her character. Will she end up being one of the very creatures her soon-to-be-husband is hunting?

“Desperate Housewives”

The ladies of Wisteria Lane thought they got away with murder but that all changed on the mid-season finale when police detective Chuck (and Bree’s ex-boyfriend) figured out the truth. But before he could bring them to justice, someone in a black car ran him over. Was it Bree? Is he dead? While we can’t wait to find out we’re also wondering if Bree is desperate enough to pull the trigger after she is shown drinking in a hotel room with a gun on the table, having a conversation with the deceased Mary Alice. One thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be a Happy New Year for these housewives.


Castle and Beckett spent the last episode handcuffed together, and the big question (the question that seems to always be in the background!) is when one of them will pony up and admit their feelings to one another.  Word has it Castle and Beckett will be attending Detective Kevin Ryan’s wedding when “Castle” returns in January – maybe this is the catalyst the two need to finally admit their feelings for each other. 

“Pan Am”

“Pan Am’s” shocking mid-season finale ended with Kate holding a smoking gun. Earlier in the episode, we learned that this was going to be the CIA operative’s last mission, but things went awry when there was an unexpected fire alarm at the hotel. When Kate finds her CIA boss Richard Parks in trouble, she has no other choice but to take the matter into her own hands. And by “matter” we mean a loaded gun… Not even the cachet of being a Pan Am stewardess can get her out of this mess!



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