Everything ‘comes to a head’ on the fall finale of ‘Grimm,’ says Sasha Roiz

Everything ‘comes to a head’ on the fall finale of ‘Grimm,’ says Sasha Roiz
by: Sheri Block

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Captain Renard has been pining over Juliette for the entire season of “Grimm” and now that Monroe has found out about his secret obsession, the repercussions are going to be huge, according to Sasha Roiz.

The actor who plays the corrupt police captain promises everything will come to a head on the fall finale of “Grimm” called “Season of the Hexenbiest,” which airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CTV. 

“Now that Monroe knows, this is not going to lead in a good place. Every storyline that’s been left a little untied is going to be tied now,” Roiz tells CTV.ca.

“Every character is going to find a little bit of discomfort and it’s going to be very fun to watch, I assure you.”

In the last few episodes of “Grimm,” Juliette, who can’t figure out why she has feelings for Renard, realized it was his kiss that woke her from the coma. Renard has also been unable to control his obsession for Juliette, even seeking an antidote from Monroe at the spice shop.

But now that Monroe has seen Juliette and Renard sharing a kiss, it’s only a matter of time before Nick finds out the truth.

“There’s a good chance that other people will know,” hints Roiz. “It’s on its last legs, this whole fiasco. It’s definitely about to hit the wall.”

Roiz says Adalind Schade (the former Hexenbiest who is responsible for Juliette falling into the coma in the first place) will also be back to cause some trouble in the next episode.

“She is definitely a big player in our season and she brings with her a considerable amount of havoc, which primarily lands in my lap. There’s some fascinating stuff involving her and myself that is also going to unfold.”

As enjoyable as it has been for fans to watch this whole storyline play out with Renard, it’s just as thrilling for Roiz to play.

“It’s fun to get out of this character’s self-control and watch him completely undone . . . to go from a character that is so stoic (to one) that really can’t control his own thoughts, control his own actions,” says the Montreal-raised actor.

“He just turns into a school boy around this girl all the time. He’s just bumbling for words and he just can’t control himself.”

Roiz says showing all these different sides to his character is something the show is able to do now that “Grimm” is comfortably in Season 2.

“I think all the characters have a real chance to breathe and really take the spotlight for a minute or two and I’ve been very pleased,” says Roiz.

“(Renard) is a very interesting character and he’s much more layered and textured this year. There’s so much more coming as well and the relationships will change drastically over the course of this season.”

This season, the show writers have been able to explore overarching storylines, such as his character’s obsession, alongside the “monster of the week” format, says Roiz.

“A lot of times networks fear the idea of large story arcs, they want to do self-contained episodes, but I think in this case they’re encouraging it because they realize how well the fans respond to it,” says Roiz.

“I think the interpersonal relationships, the development of characters, the texture of characters, I think that is the stuff (that keeps fans coming back).”

“Grimm” has garnered a huge fan following, especially in Portland, Ore., where the show is filmed. From Monroe’s love of coffee and craft beer to the lush green landscape of the North West city, Portland has become a central figure in the show.

“We basically represent the city in all its glory on the show as much as we can. We feature local things and independent things and people so they absolutely love it, they’ve been nothing but supportive.

“We’ve really tried to get involved in the community here as well in every facet. We’ve really become quite familiar and very intimate with the city. It’s been a wonderful relationship.”

Since the cast now spends nine months of the year living in Portland, Roiz says everyone has become good friends off-screen and can frequently be seen out on the town having dinner, enjoying brunch or going to the gym.

“Having done this for a little while, I can attest that it doesn’t often happen, that people are on this level of intimacy with each other. We’re obviously in a different city from where we generally live so . . . we rely on each other, and I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t talk to someone in the cast or hang out with them, not a day.

“We’re very close and we know each other really well and we support one another and I think the show benefits from it ultimately.”

“Grimm” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca.


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