Actor David Giuntolo is using his 'Grimm-stincts'

Actor David Giuntolo is using his 'Grimm-stincts'
David Giuntoli
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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After spending much of the season confused by his new identity, Detective Nick Burckhardt is finally figuring out how to juggle his roles as both police detective and a Grimm.

“He understands his role a little bit more now,” says David Giuntoli about his character in a recent conference call. “He's not as terrified by his new identity and he's kind of using his ‘Grimm-stincts’ as I like to call them.”

In Episode 13, “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau,” Nick meets Titus Welliver (who played The Man In Black on “Lost”) who reveals some pretty key information about his past.

Not only was Titus in love with Nick’s Aunt Marie, Titus also revealed to Nick that his parents were killed when they were protecting the haunted coins.

“I definitely learned some big chunky pieces of info from Titus,” Giuntoli says in regards to his character. “And, Titus is a brilliant actor. It was wonderful having him with us.”

Stepping into Monroe’s corner

What started as a relationship based solely on sharing information, or the occasional craft beer, Nick and Monroe have also begun to develop a real friendship.

Where Nick first approached the reformed Blutbad out of necessity, their relationship got taken to the next level in Episode 12.

“Nick needed (Monroe) first for utility and just to learn the ropes (this kind of) new world,” says Giuntoli. “But obviously we've developed a relationship and a friendship and a bond.”

In “Last Grimm Standing,” the friendship between Nick and Monroe was cemented as Nick put himself in danger, stepping into the fighting ring to save Monroe’s life.

“I dragged him into this kind of world,” explains Giuntoli. “And yes, I would put my life on the line for him at this point.”

Giuntoli says that scene was filmed on one of the coldest nights they’ve had in Portland, but reveals it was one of his favourites  to shoot. “We had these wonderful actors (in the shot) who were excited to be there, screaming and almost like frothy at the mouth. It was insane!”

Romeo…I mean…Nick and Juliette

The other key relationship in Nick’s life is with his girlfriend, Juliette. She’s hard to read, but it seems her patience with Nick’s late nights and crazy work schedule seems to be wearing a bit thin.

“It's very difficult to maintain this little domestic life while, you know, ogres and bad guys are chasing him,” says Giuntoli, but reveals he doesn’t know where the writers are taking his relationship with his leading lady.

“You know, in episodic TV you have to keep the viewer in suspense. So we as actors are often in suspense as well. We don't necessarily know what is going on,” he says.

“I believe, they're taking it down the road that I want her to marry me,” he says, but he admits there’s a tension between wanting to keep her safe and in the dark about his situation, while also remaining open and honest.

“I'm kind of always dancing that fine line of telling her or not,” says Giuntoli.

Though Giuntoli might not know exactly what’s in store for him or his relationship with Juliette, he is excited to see what unfolds in the second half of the season.

“We're more comfortable in our roles now,” he says about the cast.

“We've laid down the foundation for kind of defining what this Grimm world is, so now we kind of get to play within that.”



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