Season 2

All smiles for the cast of 'Grimm'

The "Grimm" cast doesn't look so grim on the red carpet.

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  • The Walking Dead, Episode 21

    Hank and Nick encounter zombies; Adalind is caught in a feud between Stefania and Frau Pech; Juliette asks Monroe to reveal Nick's darkest secret.

  • Kiss of the Muse, Epsiode 20

    A muselike wesen possesses the ability to influence people she approaches; Juliette tries to clear the air with Nick; Rosalee visits Aunt Marie's trailer.

  • Endangered, Episode 19

    Cow mutilations and reports of glowing creatures lead Nick to question the existence of aliens in the wesen world; Juliette has romantic memories of Nick.

  • Volcanalis, Episode 18

    Nick tries to suppress a volcano's threat to Portland; Adalind meets a new ally in Europe; many simultaneous memories of Nick overwhelm Juliette.

  • One Angry Fuchsbau, Episode 17

    Rosalee asks Hank, Nick and Monroe for help when a defense attorney tries to use Wesen wiles to overturn a murder case; memories rush back to Juliette when she returns to the trailer.

  • Nameless, Episode 16

    The investigation into a gruesome homicide has Nick and Hank battling a Wesen on the Internet; Juliette starts to make sense of her hallucinations.

  • Natural Born Wesen, Episode 14

    Nick, Monroe and Hank discover that members of a Wesen community have been responsible for a series of bank robberies; Juliette questions her mental state.

  • Face Off, Episode 13

    Nick deals with the consequences of learning the truth about Juliette and Capt. Renard; Nick must investigate his own crime; Wu responds to a shooting at Nick's house.

  • Season of the Hexenbiest, Episode 12

    Adalind returns to wreak havoc as she avenges her mother's death; Capt. Renard's obsession escalates; Monroe receives a surprise visit.

  • To Protect and Serve Man, Episode 11

    Hank remembers an arrest he made earlier in his career when a man claimed he committed murder in self-defense against monsters; Monroe gets involved in an unexpected situation.

  • The Hour of Death, Episode 10

    Portland's wesen community goes into a frenzy after a brutal vigilante homicide; Capt. Renard offers comfort to Juliette.

  • La Llorona, Episode 9

    Nick realizes a series of child abductions that he is investigating bear a striking resemblance to the Hispanic legend of ``La Llorona.''

  • The Other Side, Episode 8

    Hank and Nick investigate when a high-school competition turns deadly; Capt. Renard faces an unwanted infatuation with him.

  • The Bottle Imp, Episode 7

    An investigation into a grisly murder leads Hank and Nick to a seemingly unstable man who is on the run with his daughter; Monroe realizes that filling in for Rosalee will be harder than he thought.

  • Over My Dead Body, Episode 6

    Angelina (Jaime Ray Newman) comes to town with bad news; Nick asks Hank for help keeping Monroe safe; Capt. Renard has a visit from a former acquaintance (Alice Evans).

  • The Good Shepherd, Episode 5

    When a Wesen church is robbed, Nick and Monroe investigate its members for suspicious activity; a dangerous opponent targets Nick.

  • Quill, Episode 4

    During the investigation of an accident site, Nick discovers a disease that is quickly spreading; Monroe and Rosalee come across an infected creature; Capt. Renard gets a tip about a dangerous fugitive.

  • The Kiss, Episode 2

    As Nick and his mother continue to battle the Mauvais Dentes, Monroe and Rosalee fight against the clock to save Juliette.

  • Bad Teeth, Episode 1

    A trail of brutal murders unveils a foreign conspiracy to hunt down Nick, leading to several revelations about his past.


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