‘Grey’s Spoilers’: Demanding surgeries, difficult emotions and … dance parties?

‘Grey’s Spoilers’: Demanding surgeries, difficult emotions and … dance parties?
by: Sheri Block

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Sometimes the only thing that can make a bad situation better is a dance party.

At least that’s what Meredith suggests to Cristina when both doctors find themselves facing tough surgeries and unexpected emotions on this week’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

It was already going to be a tough week for Meredith considering Derek was going out of town and she would be in charge of looking after Zola.

Add to that having to save a critically ill patient trapped under a car, which brings back a flood of memories of how Lexie was trapped under the fuselage after the plane crash.

But even though Meredith is determined to save the accident victim at any costs, Chief Webber thinks she’s taking it too far.

“There’s a limit to how much this patient can take. She was crushed by two tonnes of twisted metal. That’s a lot of trauma for the body,” says Webber.

“I know. I know exactly how much trauma that is for the body,” replies Grey, as silence falls over the operating room.


Webber thinks the case is hitting a bit too close to home for Meredith.

We couldn’t agree more.

And while Meredith looks to Cristina for help, “her person” also has some issues of her own.

After a surgery with Dr. Thomas doesn’t turn out as planned at the Mayo Clinic, Cristina calls Meredith to commiserate.

 “You know what we need?”

“A dance party?” asks Meredith.

“No. We need to buck up,” says Cristina.

That sounds more like the Cristina we know and love.

Meredith seems to take the advice – saving her patient’s life (while keeping her feelings for Lexie separate) – and encouraging her interns to partake in a dance party in the O.R.

“Dance or you’re fired,” she says, as the interns awkwardly start waving their arms and shaking their bodies.

But unfortunately, Cristina doesn’t fare as well.

While she performs another surgery on her patient with Dr. Thomas, the veteran doctor collapses and dies on the operating room floor.

As she tries to come to terms with his death all the things he told her start running through her head: “Breathe. Don’t be crass. Don’t look for friends here, you won’t find them.”

So instead, she shows up unexpectedly at the door of her real friend, Meredith. (Yay for Cristina getting on a plane!)

After giving each other a hug Meredith says: “Lexie’s dead.”

“Yeah. Everyone’s dead,” answers Cristina solemnly.

Sounds like a good time for a dance party.

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