The plane crash settlement is in on 'Grey's Anatomy'...but it's no happily-ever-after

The plane crash settlement is in on 'Grey's Anatomy'...but it's no happily-ever-after
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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After half a season of waiting to find out the verdict in the lawsuit over the deadly plane crash on “Grey’s Anatomy,” the news came on Thursday’s episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Turns out, the survivors, Meredith, Derek, Arizona, Callie and Cristina get $15 million each from the hospital’s insurance company.

Fifteen. Million. Dollars.


And even though the settlement is fraught with sadness, Callie insisted they celebrate.

"It feels weird, sad and wrong but it also feels exciting. I miss Mark and Lexie and I’m heartbroken that they're not here," Callie says during a champagne toast. "But I'm also grateful that all of you are and I'm going to celebrate that."

Except it’s no happily-ever-after. (It is “Grey’s,” after all!)

Because the place had a long history of mechanical problems, Owen’s still on the hook for putting the doctors in the plane, and the insurance company found a loophole that only two attendings should have been on the plane in the first place, so they’re refusing to pay.

That means the hospital is on the hook for the 75 million dollar pay out and would be forced to declare bankruptcy.


But life goes on, 15 million dollars or not – Meredith finally tells everyone that she’s three-months pregnant (forgoing champagne at the settlement dinner made it all too clear!)

And Cristina and Owen find themselves a fresh start, though I can’t imagine this settlement drama not putting a damper on their flirty renewed love.

Richard took a month off to mourn Adele’s death, and is wracked with guilt over missing her last days and isn’t all the certain about his on-again-off-again relationship with Jackson’s mother, Catherine Avery.

And in between the key Seattle Grace folks, the interns, of course are flirting and almost-hooking up right, left and centre.

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