Is Jackson the new McSteamy on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Is Jackson the new McSteamy on 'Grey's Anatomy'?
by: Sheri Block and Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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After last week’s episode it looks like Jackson is stepping into Mark Sloan’s old role – and we’re not just talking about the O.R.

When it comes to plastics, Jackson has adopted McSteamy’s cocky attitude and is so confident in his decisions he won’t consider the opinions of his fellow doctors.

Last week, he took over the case of a teenage boy with facial abnormalities and defied Arizona’s protocol by executing his own plan instead of the one Sloan had devised.

It wasn’t just that he changed his treatment plan, it was the tone in talking with his superior that reminded us so much of Sloan’s old uncompromising ways.
Jackson’s also adopted another one of Sloan’s roles – that of ladies’ man.

(And in case you need a reminder of his abs, check out this gallery!)

He was all set to settle down with April (especially when she thought she was pregnant) but when she was relieved she wasn’t and wouldn’t have to marry him,

Jackson took that as a sign and broke things off.

Even though April insisted they each take dates to Bailey’s wedding (two of the interns), Jackson took a page right out of Sloan’s little black book by sleeping with his companion Stephanie.

It led to him becoming the source of much gossip around the interns’ locker room as Stephanie began to get special privileges around the hospital.

Does this mean Jackson is soon going to be “making the rounds” with the rest of the interns a la Sloan? Or will he change his path to take April back now that she’s admitted her love for him?

We’ll have to see how it plays out but one thing is for certain -- more ab shots will follow.

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